Restaurant review: Pho 79 is un-Pho-getable

Jerica Deck | Lifestyles Editor

Tired of burgers and fries? Pho 79 is the perfect place to try a new dish. Located on Coliseum Drive near the Peninsula Town Center, this hidden gem has a diverse array of Vietnamese food. It has a moderately upscale feel to it, but the food is relatively cheap. The dishes only range from about $5 – $14 per person. This makes it the perfect spot for a group of budget-conscious college students to have a night on the town.

While on the outside it appears to be subpar, once customers go inside they see a hip and trendy atmosphere. This eclectic restaurant has beautiful décor that makes its visitors feel like they’ve entered a whole new world.  It is gorgeously decorated, has a snapchat worthy fountain, and a full bar that’s perfect for any students over 21 who are looking for a good time.

Vietnamese food can be very hit or miss, but overall their food is pretty good. The pho is to die for. It’s chock-full of veggies and meats. This soup-like meal is perfect to warm customers up for a cold winter day. They also do carry-out, making it convenient to take back to a dorm. While they had various new foods to try, the restaurant could use more vegetarian options. Also while their food is good, it is a bit under seasoned.

The shrimp needed a dash of old bay or some sort of extra kick. Their spring rolls were a bit bland as well. It’s almost as customers have to coat their food in sriracha to take it to the next level. However, with a bit of salt and pepper, the food is still good overall.

They also have other tasty options besides pho that draw in customers. Their banh mi is very authentic. This Vietnamese sandwich serves various meats on a baguette, and is only around $5. Another popular favorite is their bubble tea. It’s the perfect drink to complement their meals.

What really made Pho 79 stand out was their outstanding service. The waiters and waitresses were extremely friendly and personable. They continuously check in on their customers and make them feel at home.  Also, there was very little wait time. The food came out in a timely fashion.

Overall, Pho 79 deserves 4 out of 5 stars. It’s definitely a nice place to try something different and a trendy spot for a girl’s night on a budget. The food was good, but it could use more pizazz to take it to that next level. Still, this restaurant is a cute chic place to hang out.


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