How to fight the “pink tax”

(CNN Money)
(CNN Money)

Jerica Deck | Lifestyles Editor

Many companies are catching fire for making various women’s products more expensive than nearly identical male products. Nicknamed “the pink tax,” research shows that items marketed towards women often cost more than male counter parts. The New York City Department of Consumer Affairs found that in 2015, women’s shampoo cost 48 percent more than those marketed towards men and women’s jeans cost 10 percent more than men’s.

While on the surface this issue may seem like it just costs women a few more dollars, the pink tax plays a major role in gender inequality because women on average make only 80 cents per every dollar that men make. Women of color suffer even more from the pink tax because they have a larger wage gap between their counterparts.

This can negatively impact women of lower economic classes as well. Over time, the pink tax costs women thousands of dollars just because of their gender. Rather than just accepting the gender-based pricing discrimination, here are several ways that women can fight against gender-based prices and save a few extra dollars themselves:

1. Buy men’s razors

Put down the pretty pink razor because men’s razors have many benefits. Without the girl packaging, men’s razors are cheaper than women’s. They also tend to be sharper, so they get rid of hair more efficiently.

2. Use male deodorant

Many girls love the scent of men’s soaps and fragrances, but they are too often scared to try men’s products for themselves. Male deodorant often has a clean and fresh scent that works well for both genders. For those that want a less powerful scent, try looking for blander smelling men’s deodorants. Men are perceived as sweating more than women, so their deodorants are often stronger than females ones. This helps users to be stress free and save a bit of money.

3. Try unscented soaps that are marketed towards men

Without the perfumes, unscented male and female soaps typically have the same ingredients. The extra cents are going towards the feminine and unneeded packaging. Men’s soap will leave women just as clean and smelling the exact same way.

4. Purchase reusable menstrual products

While there is not a male equivalent to menstrual products, women are forced to spend money to care for their periods. Rather than buying a box of tampons or pads every month, try a reusable option. Things like period panties, soft cups, and menstrual cups can save female consumers money over time. They are also better for the environment because they create less waste.

5. Boycott products and brands with gender-based pricing

Companies charge women more for their products because women continue to pay extra money for these products. However, if women band together and don’t fall into this trap, they will have to lower their prices.

Companies are designed to meet the needs of its consumers. If women demand equality in terms of pricing, brands will lower their costs in order to keep that clientele. It’s important to only support brands that coincide with one’s beliefs. Use your dollars and your voice to disband the pink tax .


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