Four fierce beauty box subscription for women of color


Leenika Martin | Staff Writer

One of the toughest parts of being a woman of color is finding cosmetic products for their unique features, skin and hair. The last thing college students need to worry about is if their foundation is the right shade or if their conditioner actually conditions kinky-curly tresses. However, there are several beauty boxes that are tailored specifically for WOC and that can be delivered right to your dorm.

1. Onyxbox 

The creators of the OnyxBox, Delali Kpodzo and Myriam Bocobza pioneered the first all-in-one beauty box, We Are Onyx ,for WOC when they launched in January 2013.

Monthly Cost: $25 and free shipping

What’s in the Box: Not only does the box include trusted black girl brands like Shea Moisture, but you may also receive products from smaller, lesser known boutiques. Each month, recipients can expect 4-6 deluxe or full-size makeup, hair, skincare and nail products worth over $70!

2. Glowwbox  

U.K.-native Jason Cameron created the Glowwbox as an easy way for ladies of “colour” to discover the best products for their skin and hair type. Since its release in the summer of 2013, the Glowwbox has expanded its shipping to the United States. Their site includes a short profile to help tailor the products that are included in the box.

Monthly Cost: £15 (about $19) plus shipping and handling

What’s in the Box: The first week of the month Glowwbox delivers 6 sample, trial and full-size hair and cosmetic products specialized for your profile.

3. Cocotique

Founder Dana Hill shifted from her background in the entertainment and fashion industies into WOC beauty and wellness. Using her connections, she expanded her brand to feature an abundance of companies. In addition to being the CEO of Cocotique, Hill also founded a boutique public relations agency called the Divine Marketing Group.

Monthly Cost: $20 and Free Shipping!

What’s in the Box: Cocotique features over 150 brands from natural hair brands like Lotta Body and Feminine Care products like Summers Eve. Each month’s subscribers can expect 5-8 sample or full-size beauty and lifestyle products.

4. Hues Box 

This box was founded as a family affair. Jeanne Harris, her mother Robin, and her sister Jasmine were done with beauty boxes neglecting women of color. So, they created their own! Not only did they create a convenient way for black women to shop, but also a way for small businesses to connect to a larger audience.

Monthly Cost: $15 plus shipping and handling

What’s in the Box: You won’t find these top-quality products in Walmart because they are all from small vendors. They deliver from the 1st-15th of each month and are filled with four cosmetic goodies.


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