Desired Supplies for a desired look

(Desired Beauty Supplies)
(Desired Beauty Supplies)

Nyaa Ferary | Features Editor

In the Hampton Roads area, there are so many local establishments to try. Since the results of this year’s election season, it is vital to find ways to support black owned businesses to keep the money in communities of color.

Attending an HBCU, it’s common to hear conversations of backing our peers and raising each other up, but an even bigger topic would be hair. With that being said, this week’s local black owned business is the Desired Beauty Supplies store founded here in the Hampton area. For the hair gurus and dudes trying to keep their dos sharp and slayed, head over to Desired Beauty Supplies for all your hair care needs.

Desired is located on Big Bethel Road about 15 minutes away from campus by the Hampton Town Center. The beauty supply carries the common and popular products that you are probably accustomed getting from your local beauty store back at home.

Desired Beauty Supplies opened back in December of 2011. Their goal was to fill the gap that they felt was missing in their community, which was hair care. This family business prides themselves on their ability to understand what each customer needs.

They carry hair products like Cantu Shea Butter, Crème of Nature and Motions, in addition to the numerous hair tools, jewelry, wigs and weaves, braiding hair and relaxers that the average person might be interested in as well. There is something available there for everybody.

The beauty supply cares about the community and often participates in clothing drives and other community service events. They also have participated in beauty expos and workshops for natural hair.

Lately, many people both men and women have been paying more attention to the health of their hair and have been focusing on growth.

Therefore, the beauty supply is a great resource to learn about the different products that would be beneficial to black hair because they know firsthand about the types of hair care lines that work and that do not.

Desired Beauty Supplies is open most days from 10am until 8pm. Be sure to follow them on Instagram as well @desiredbeautysupplies.


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