Let me keep my hat on before I go off

Avary Gillard | Staff Writer

It was just the other day, I was having a really rough morning and I really wanted to skip my first class. I barely wanted to get out of bed, let alone do my hair, so I threw on a baseball cap. I completely forgot about the rule on hats. My professor told me to take off my hat when I walked in. I nicely put my things down and went straight to the bathroom to make a miracle out of this mess.

I walked back into class and all I could think about was how bad my hair looked, I couldn’t focus and I felt like everyone was looking at the top of my head.

Girls should be allowed to wear hats in class. In high school, I was not allowed to wear a shirt with spaghetti straps, because it was seen as distraction for the male students in the classroom. The educational system was so concerned about the focus of the male students that I was unable to wear spaghetti straps in the heat of South Carolina weather.

Does Hampton think that me being a young Hamptonian woman, wearing a hat to class will distract students from learning? I think not.

“Hats are a fashion statement nowadays and mainly worn to boost girls self-esteem,” says Jillian Brown, a freshmen, pharmacy major from Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey.

Whether we choose to believe it or not, we care what people say and often times think. If I had the opportunity to keep my hat on I would be able to focus on the lecture and not on the fact that my hair is a mess.

Although I personally believe girls should have the right to wear a hat, there are some students who disagree. “I see things a little differently, if the boys aren’t allowed to wear hats we shouldn’t be able to either. I think it’s the respectful thing to do. Taking off your hat is a sign of respect and shows your attentiveness to the professor,” said Terri Coleman, a freshmen political science major from Newark, New Jersey.

There’s validity in her point, but hats are simply hats. A hat is just another accessory. It’s no different from a fresh new pair of Jordans.

Being forbidden to wear a hat is like telling a woman what she can and cannot do with her own body. It’s taking away her right to express herself and dress as she pleases. If my leave out doesn’t look good, who’s it harming if I throw on a small hat?

Making a girl take her hat off in front of the whole class does nothing but humiliate her to the point where she is overly self-conscious about her hair. The weather here isn’t always the best. As a result, we should have the right to dress appropriate for the weather by covering our hair.


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