Desired Supplies for a desired look

Nyaa Ferary | Features Editor In the Hampton Roads area, there are so many local establishments to try. Since the results of this year’s election season, it is vital to find ways to support black owned businesses to keep the money in communities of color. Attending an HBCU, it’s common to hear conversations of backing our peers and raising each other up, but an even bigger topic would be hair. With that being said, this week’s local black owned business is the Desired Beauty Supplies store founded here in the Hampton area. For the hair gurus and dudes trying to keep … Continue reading Desired Supplies for a desired look

Restaurant review: Pho 79 is un-Pho-getable

Jerica Deck | Lifestyles Editor Tired of burgers and fries? Pho 79 is the perfect place to try a new dish. Located on Coliseum Drive near the Peninsula Town Center, this hidden gem has a diverse array of Vietnamese food. It has a moderately upscale feel to it, but the food is relatively cheap. The dishes only range from about $5 – $14 per person. This makes it the perfect spot for a group of budget-conscious college students to have a night on the town. While on the outside it appears to be subpar, once customers go inside they see … Continue reading Restaurant review: Pho 79 is un-Pho-getable

Let me keep my hat on before I go off

Avary Gillard | Staff Writer It was just the other day, I was having a really rough morning and I really wanted to skip my first class. I barely wanted to get out of bed, let alone do my hair, so I threw on a baseball cap. I completely forgot about the rule on hats. My professor told me to take off my hat when I walked in. I nicely put my things down and went straight to the bathroom to make a miracle out of this mess. I walked back into class and all I could think about was … Continue reading Let me keep my hat on before I go off