Top places to flee to now that Trump is our new President elect

(The Nation)
(The Nation)

Jerica Deck | Campus Editor

It’s normal to be nervous after hearing the news that Donald Trump is now the presidential elect for the United States of America. He’s made many offensive comments against women, Latinos, Blacks, Muslims, and many other marginalized groups. If you fall into any of those categories, it’s understandable why America would no longer feel like home to you. Ready to flee the country? Here are five places perfect for you to run to after this year’s election results:


Canada is like a colder, better version of the United States. Canadians have longer life expectancies, free health care, and you won’t have to learn a new language. This is the country that gave the world both Niagara Falls and Drake. Unfortunately, in the wake of the election the Canadian Immigration crashed. This because too devoted voters caused the site to temporarily shut down. It may be hard to emigrate there, but if you do, it is definitely worth it.


Has anyone ever told you to go back to Africa? Well the joke is on them because Africa is starting to look way more comforting than over here. While Africa is a diverse continent, take a DNA test to find out what tribe of Africa you descend from. Then research your roots by taking a trip to that country. You’ll learn a lot about yourself, and by the time your eat-pray-love vacation is over, hopefully Trump will be out of office.

The Netherlands

US News ranked the Netherlands one of the best places to live. This nation is known for its high income, beautiful scenery, and rich history. It has liberal freethinking policies. It was the first country to legalize same sex marriage and has a liberal stance on marijuana, abortion, and even prostitution. It also has one of the highest concentrations of museums in the world, a mild livable climate, and a renowned healthcare system.


Take these four to eight years to explore an entirely different culture. Japan has so much to explore including great food, anime, cherry blossom trees, and a whole new language to learn. The weather is also awesome. Unlike some parts in the United States, their winters are usually above 32 degrees, and their summers usually don’t surpass the 90 degrees.

The United States of America

Any coward can leave when times get rough. However the way to solve our problems is not to run from them, it’s to take action. It is irresponsible to simply flee from the injustices happen in your own community. All jokes aside, now is the time to stop complaining about our problems and start fixing them.


Creating a revolution isn’t something that can happen if you just run away. In order to change things, it has to start at home.


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