Where ‘Power’ and ‘Empire’ collide: The Battle in Black Television

Naomi Ludlow | Contributing Writer 

The hit shows “Empire” and “Power” have been compared since each of their beginnings. Rarely are there fans who support both shows, since the series appeal to different types of audiences.

Taraji P. Henson, the female lead of “Empire,” responded to a comment from producer and actor for “Power,” 50 Cent. He took jabs at the rival show saying that their ratings have fallen during the premiere of the third season. Although it seems subtle, he is hinting at the success of his show, whose third season ended with a bang. He says that he is starting a show that will replace “Empire” very soon.

Henson uploaded a picture to Instagram with a comment saying that she doesn’t understand why 50 Cent compares the shows when they are equally successful. 

Hampton students have a wide variety of opinions on the rivalry between the shows.

Stephanie Smith, a freshman, theater major from Philadelphia, said, “Empire incorporates a lot of issues from today and power is about money.”

She continued by explaining how in both shows, the characters live complicated lifestyles where greed, love, and stardom collide. 

Sophomore Levar Harris, a psychology student, from Washington, D.C., said, “Empire always has something new happening as far as beef.” He likes that there’s something fresh about “Empire” compared to other shows on television.

Veronica Wells, a freshman psychology major from Richmond, Virginia, said, ‘“Power” has more raw material, especially for the city that they are in.” .

The disagreements between the shows are ongoing but one thing remains, “Empire” and “Power” are both great shows that are look to draw in the black community.


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