How to avoid the infamous ‘Freshman 15’

It's important to eat healthy foods and exercise while in college to avoid the Freshman 15.
It’s important to eat healthy foods and exercise while in college to avoid the Freshman 15. (DailyMail)

Alexus Baldwin | Staff Writer


“Freshman 15” can be a college student’s worst fear. When a teenager is put into a new environment filled with fatty foods and no parents restricting them from junk food, it can be hard to keep off a few extra pounds. Schoolwork can be stressful, and many students turn to food to help them cope with their current situations. To avoid gaining extra weight, keep healthy snacks in your room and visiting the gym a few times a week.

Sydney Jackson, a freshman, pharmacy major from Chicago, said, “To avoid the Freshman 15, I work out every other day for about an hour and a half. I hope to retain a better dietary plan that consists of fruits, vegetables and drinking nothing except water.” Nutritionists suggest drinking at least a half of gallon of water a day.

The Freshman 15 does not only effect freshmen. Many upperclassmen also use snacking to cope with the added pressures of collegiate life. Kayla Watson, a sophomore psychology major from Richmond, Virginia said, “My fitness goal for this year is to maintain a weight of 130 pounds and to be able to run four miles by January. As a freshmen and even now I only keep granola bars, peaches and pineapples in my dorm at all times.”

Marcellus Williams, a graduate student who majored in computer information assurance from Hampton, Virginia said, “Before my injury, I would work out typically four times a week, but starting next week I plan to work out five times a week to regain strength. My favorite healthy foods that are consumed daily is oatmeal, grilled chicken, and vegetable or fruit smoothies.”  

Setting and working towards fitness goals should be a necessity. If one is too busy to have the time to go to the gym that is on campus, try exercising in a dorm or living an active lifestyle. Students can also try to stick to a regular diet. It’s okay to have a cheat day every now and again, as long as you do not go overboard. Everything is good in moderation.  Being healthy is not just about dieting, it is about creating a lifestyle change.


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