Hampton students react to New York explosions

Lauryn Moore | Contributing Writer

Things have calmed down since the New York and New Jersey bombings. A pipe bomb busted in Elizabeth, New Jersey and a pressure cooker bomb also exploded in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, New York which injured 29 people, none of which are in serious condition. The suspect is Ahmad Khan Rahami from Elizabeth, New Jersey. He was arrested after a gunfight between him and the police.

Rahami was placed into custody with gunshot injuries. According to CNN, investigators are still piecing together the connections. Prosecutors charged Rahami with attempted murder of an officer, the use of weapons of mass destruction, and bombing in a public place.

However in 2014, his father told police officers he feared that his son was involved with terrorism. That case was closed and the FBI never interviewed Rahami or attempted to make additional contact to his father.

President Barack Obama released a statement saying, “Our prayers go out to all of those who have been injured. We want to wish them a speedy recovery.”  
Hampton University has a large population of New Jersey and New York students.

Kyla Nixon, a freshman, journalism major from Morristown, New Jersey,  said, “I immediately thought about my parents and loved ones of course.”

Kiandre Wright, a junior, aviation major from Long Island, New York, said, “ I was scared and extremely worried for the safety of my friends and family.” 

There are many questions still on the rise about future terrorist attacks that could have been planned.  President Obama asked the nation to stay united and open their arms to those who are distraught by what happened and let the investigators do their jobs.


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