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What’s time got to do with it? Knowing when to leave a relationship

Dominique Burns | Staff Writer

Meeting someone for the first time and making it past the friendship stage is a process no one wants to start over. Let’s face it, once you think you’ve found the one, there’s no opinion that can change that. However if you find yourself feeling like you’re fighting for your relationship more than enjoying it, is it really worth staying?

Nikki Miller, a senior, biology major from Raleigh, North Carolina said, “People stay in relationships longer than needed because they are scared of change. But something that people need to realize is if the relationship isn’t building or helping you towards a goal, it’s essentially toxic.”

Toxic relationships are something people want to stay away from, but keep finding themselves in. When it comes to friendships, it can be easy to just let go and leave the negativity behind, but a first love can be a little harder to just let go.

James Benbow III, a junior, architecture major from Washington, D.C. explained how social situations shape the way people deal with relationships.

“In today’s society people fear being viewed as un-loyal so they’ll stay with their partner no matter what the circumstance or how long just so they don’t get labeled as otherwise. People don’t like getting to know a whole new person. They’ll avoid it and stick to what they know.”

Is sticking to what you know worth your happiness?

Tionne Lemmon, a junior, English major from Northern Virginia said, “I feel like people love with time because they’ve been through a lot with their partner and feel like they can eventually get through it. Because of that, they don’t realize how toxic it is for their relationship.”

Settling isn’t worth the love you think you’re getting. Sometimes people confuse being in a situationship for a long period of time with love. Don’t sacrifice your time for what feels like affection and the fear of having to rebuild a relationship from the ground up with another person. Time does not replace self worth, happiness and genuine love. Don’t treat yourself like a substitute.


Drake’s visual album ‘Please Forgive Me’ is a must-see

Aaron Worley | Arts & Entertainment Editor

To describe Drake in a sentence would be impossible, and probably frustrating. He is a man of creative vision; a rap prospect that attempts to cross bounds to get what is inside of him out.

To him, there is no better way to do that than to introduce his fans to his love for visually telling a story. This past Sunday, Drake released, “Please Forgive Me,” exclusively on Apple Music, following the release of “Views” in April. This coincides with his trend of releasing a film after his album, like he did after “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late,” with “Jungle.” Although “Jungle” was meant to analyze the rapper’s price of fame and the memories he had growing up in Canada, “Please Forgive Me” shifts into a dramatic vibration, showing a darker side of his life.

It seems that many artists nowadays are choosing to express themselves through a venture into filmmaking: Kanye West with “Famous,” Beyonce with “Lemonade,” and Frank Ocean with “Endless.” This is not to say that this idea is not original and should not be attempted by a music artist; instead it should be seen as an opportunity for the artist to expand upon what has been previously done in an attempt to separate them from the rest.

For a visual album, the main purpose is to show how the songs would string together with associated scenes in a movie, to give it a more subjective and entertaining feel. In “Please Forgive Me,” the point of it was to portray Drake as an action hero, or a marauder of some sort. The scenes that are acted in the film are very dramatic and fast-paced; one of these instances includes a proposition by a businessman to sleep with Drake’s love interest in exchange for a million dollars.

When they discuss the deal, Drake actually talks her into it, which might be surprising to some, given as though he has spent almost his entire career talking about keeping girls with him, and feeling hurt once they betray him. Of course, Drake is an actor, and a very interesting one to observe, so it should be obvious that he is not trying to play the character and soft-hearted romantic that he portrays himself as in his music.

When the film is looked at more closely, it raises the question of what he was really trying to achieve.  Does he really want people to associate a track with a particular scene in the film, like most visual albums do? Should he have made an entire film that was unrelated to his album to prevent this close association?

A common criticism of “Views” was that the material felt too generically “Drake.” Critics felt as though the subject matter was material they had heard time and time again from him, and that he did not take as big of a leap as they wanted him to, in terms of experimentation and inventiveness. This is definitely a true statement, when it is looked at without bias. With “Please Forgive Me,” it seems like Drake wants the world to view him as a multi-talented individual. Obviously the film was not made for those that want the biggest excitement thrill of the year, and somehow think Drake can pull it off. It is not by any means bad, regarding the plot, action, pacing, and more specifically, the acting.

Drake has been trying to hone his craft of television and film from continuous appearances on “Saturday Night Live,” coupled with his previous acting experience on “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” with varying degrees of success. In doing so, “Please Forgive Me” stands out, perhaps as one of his more intensive, yet pleasing efforts in film.

Charlotte in chaos after police shooting

Leondra Head | Local & World Editor

After nearly two weeks of protests in Charlotte, North Carolina, Governor Pat McCrory lifts the city-wide curfew as rallies against police killing of Keith Lamont Scott became peaceful.  

The Governor issued the curfew on Thursday, September 22 from midnight to 6 a.m. McCrory accepted a request from Charlotte’s police chief on Wednesday, declaring a state of emergency, calling in the National Guard to help restore order and to protect the downtown area.

Governor McCrory said the order was put into place “in order to more effectively protect the lives and property of the people within the City of Charlotte.”

Protests and riots broke out after 43-year-old, African American resident Keith Lamont Scott was shot and killed by Brently Vinson, a white Charlotte police officer. The protests resulted in the shutting down of Charlotte’s eight-lane Interstate 85.

Police released dash-cam footage just a week before a new North Carolina law would have been in effect. House bill-972 established that recordings made by law enforcement officials — including those from body and dashboard cameras — would no longer be a matter of public record. It was ratified on June 30 and signed by Governor McCrory on July 11. The bill that was signed into law in July would have made it much more difficult for the footage to become public.

Beginning October 1, footage captured by the police will be disclosed only to a person or representative of the person “whose image or voice” is included in the recording, according to the law. Anyone else interested in obtaining the recording will be required to make a formal, written request.

President Obama urged the use of police using body cameras, insinuating police departments can gain the trust of local communities. In December 2014, President Obama proposed an investment package to increase the use of the devices, requesting $75 million in federal funds that the White House said “could help purchase 50,000 body worn cameras” over three years.

Joile Jemmott, a sophomore, nursing major said, “Body cameras should be a tool to make law enforcement more transparent and accountable. Jemmott went on to say that it is a shame that North Carolina citizens have to suffer with this new law into effect.”

Scott’s death caused several days of protests that quickly turned into riots, with demonstrators and innocent bystanders. According to NBC News, protestors were seen looting businesses and smashing windows of buildings while chanting  “Black lives matter” and “Hands up; don’t shoot.”

According to the Charlotte Police Department, Scott disregarded repeated demands to drop his gun, while neighborhood residents say he was holding a book and not a weapon, as he waited for his son to get off the school bus.

Racial tensions in the United States have reached boiling point after protests in Charlotte against police killings of black men turned increasingly violent, forcing the North Carolina governor to initially declare a state of emergency.

Charlotte Mayor, Jennifer Roberts said in a press conference, “I ask that the community come together and show their unity in a peaceful and legal manner.”

Julie Thompson, a sophomore, nursing major from Charlotte said, “I know that from the video footage that without a doubt Terence Crutcher had his hands in the air. It is unbelievable that the police department are standing firm on their story. The senseless killings of African American males has to stop.”

Bentley Vinson, the officer seen shooting Scott has been placed on leave, standard procedure in such cases. Vinson is a two-year member of the Charlotte Police Department.

What guys (think they) want in a ‘wifey’

Alexis Weston | Staff Writer

The terms “wifey” and “wifey material” get thrown around everyday; but what do these terms actually mean on Hampton’s campus?

According to Quinton Burnett, a junior, finance major from Kansas City, Kansas, said it’s difficult to define the term.

When it comes to how a woman qualifies as “wifey material” he stated that, “If she’s there for me and we really click on every level, that’s really it.” At the end of the day, there’s really no true definition of what “wifey” material is. Whether or not a woman is wifey material depends primarily on what a guy is looking for.

Julian Boyd, a junior, computer science major from Spotsylvania, Virginia, said that it’s, “a substitute name for a girlfriend.” When asked about “wifey material” he commented that he, “[has] to be able to visualize a future with her, it’s not really based on what she can do for me but how we can make each other better.”

According to articles like 11 Men Explain What ‘Wife Material’ Means To Them from, other “wifey” qualifications include being able to cook, being intelligent, having a life outside of your significant other and being considerate.

While it is important to know what you want from a relationship and the type of person that you’re looking for, it’s important to look at how these terms impact how women present themselves to men.

Sarah Maloud-Washington, a sophomore, criminal justice major from Conyers, Georgia, said that  the “wifey” role, “forces women to try to fit into or be this ideal image of what a wifey is,” in order to impress men.

Why should a woman have to shape her personality into this ideal version of the “perfect woman” just to please a guy? It’s not fair and it makes women feel as if a guy will never see a future with them just because they act a certain way.

It seems that the men asked have a more introspective and reflective idea about her rather than a specific set of qualities that she’s required to have. So, maybe, just maybe, the “wifey” is changing to fit every woman.

HBO introduces ‘WestWorld’ to the streaming universe

Naomi Ludlow | Contributing Writer


HBO’s “Westworld” is a sci-fi thriller that is expected to blow viewers away with suspense, action, and drama. Inspired by the Michael Crichton film of the same name, “Westworld” drops imperfections in a utopian society

Anthony Hopkins plays Dr. Robert Ford who is the director of this faux universe.

Hopkins’ character is faced with a dilemma when the programmed robots and hosts begin malfunctioning.

This new series’ storyline is similar to the 1973 motion picture, but with some

key differences. In this version, other worlds including Roman World and Medieval World go unmentioned.


The executive producer, J.J. Abrams, said, “When you open it up there are these great

emotional questions talking about our deepest fears, greatest passions and how we behave when

those are challenged.” He explains how the robots/hosts are depictions of situations humans in

real life face.

The line of actors includes Ed Harris as the man in black, Evan Rachel Wood, who plays

Dolores Abernathy, James Marsden as Teddy Flood, and Thandie Newton as Madame Maeve


Other critics are already raving about this show along with some fellow Hamptonians.

Freshman Jeremy Crenshaw said, “Westworld is a must see! The trailer is extremely complex,

and only gives pieces of what the writers include in the show. It’s a world where everything

goes. Why wouldn’t you want to see a show like this?” 

Kaitlyn Caeser, a junior from Chicago, Illinois said points out

that the female lead, Evan Rachel Wood, in the trailer is stuck between whether she is

hallucinating or if it’s real. Ceaser cannot wait to see where this series will go. 

“Westworld” is

receiving nothing but high expectations from the audience, so hopefully it does not disappoint

those that will be tuned in on Oct. 2.

Some further hit HBO series includes “Game of Thrones,” “The Wire” and “Veep.” These shows

vary with the genres they fall under. Although they don’t share the same genre as “Westworld,”

they have won many awards including the Emmy award meaning HBO is capable of

producing hit tv series.

The series premieres on Sunday, October 2 at 9 p.m.  Streaming is available

on HBO Go and HBO Now at the same time. The episode will be available on demand the

following day at no set time.

Hampton students react to New York explosions

Lauryn Moore | Contributing Writer

Things have calmed down since the New York and New Jersey bombings. A pipe bomb busted in Elizabeth, New Jersey and a pressure cooker bomb also exploded in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, New York which injured 29 people, none of which are in serious condition. The suspect is Ahmad Khan Rahami from Elizabeth, New Jersey. He was arrested after a gunfight between him and the police.

Rahami was placed into custody with gunshot injuries. According to CNN, investigators are still piecing together the connections. Prosecutors charged Rahami with attempted murder of an officer, the use of weapons of mass destruction, and bombing in a public place.

However in 2014, his father told police officers he feared that his son was involved with terrorism. That case was closed and the FBI never interviewed Rahami or attempted to make additional contact to his father.

President Barack Obama released a statement saying, “Our prayers go out to all of those who have been injured. We want to wish them a speedy recovery.”  
Hampton University has a large population of New Jersey and New York students.

Kyla Nixon, a freshman, journalism major from Morristown, New Jersey,  said, “I immediately thought about my parents and loved ones of course.”

Kiandre Wright, a junior, aviation major from Long Island, New York, said, “ I was scared and extremely worried for the safety of my friends and family.” 

There are many questions still on the rise about future terrorist attacks that could have been planned.  President Obama asked the nation to stay united and open their arms to those who are distraught by what happened and let the investigators do their jobs.

How to avoid the infamous ‘Freshman 15’

It's important to eat healthy foods and exercise while in college to avoid the Freshman 15.

It’s important to eat healthy foods and exercise while in college to avoid the Freshman 15. (DailyMail)

Alexus Baldwin | Staff Writer


“Freshman 15” can be a college student’s worst fear. When a teenager is put into a new environment filled with fatty foods and no parents restricting them from junk food, it can be hard to keep off a few extra pounds. Schoolwork can be stressful, and many students turn to food to help them cope with their current situations. To avoid gaining extra weight, keep healthy snacks in your room and visiting the gym a few times a week.

Sydney Jackson, a freshman, pharmacy major from Chicago, said, “To avoid the Freshman 15, I work out every other day for about an hour and a half. I hope to retain a better dietary plan that consists of fruits, vegetables and drinking nothing except water.” Nutritionists suggest drinking at least a half of gallon of water a day.

The Freshman 15 does not only effect freshmen. Many upperclassmen also use snacking to cope with the added pressures of collegiate life. Kayla Watson, a sophomore psychology major from Richmond, Virginia said, “My fitness goal for this year is to maintain a weight of 130 pounds and to be able to run four miles by January. As a freshmen and even now I only keep granola bars, peaches and pineapples in my dorm at all times.”

Marcellus Williams, a graduate student who majored in computer information assurance from Hampton, Virginia said, “Before my injury, I would work out typically four times a week, but starting next week I plan to work out five times a week to regain strength. My favorite healthy foods that are consumed daily is oatmeal, grilled chicken, and vegetable or fruit smoothies.”  

Setting and working towards fitness goals should be a necessity. If one is too busy to have the time to go to the gym that is on campus, try exercising in a dorm or living an active lifestyle. Students can also try to stick to a regular diet. It’s okay to have a cheat day every now and again, as long as you do not go overboard. Everything is good in moderation.  Being healthy is not just about dieting, it is about creating a lifestyle change.

Mac Miller heats things up with ‘The Divine Feminine’

Joseph Gaither | Staff Writer

Mac Miller is back and better than ever with his fourth studio album, “The Divine Feminine.”  This album is one of Miller’s most concise albums as it only contains ten tracks. Nonetheless, the album is one of the clearest, strongest projects yet, and is loaded with many features.

“The Divine Feminine” recruits the likes of incredible artists such as the soulful, charismatic Anderson .Paak, Bilal, Los Angeles’ own, Ty Dolla $ign, the enigmatic CeeLo Green, Njomza, Kendrick Lamar, and Mac’s girlfriend, Ariana Grande.

This project is unlike what many generally equate with Mac Miller; “The Divine Feminine” is more personal, intimate, and deep. Every one of the ten tracks focuses on love, the female form, sensuality and sexuality. While the album does contain the same witty, playful bars that everyone loves from Miller, it is also more mature and serious. The project is truly unlike anything before as it is literally centered on the various aspects of love and a theme of female energy.

The album dissects the many levels of love, the fixation of beauty, and sex. Along with raw, explicit, provocative bars and metaphors, its essence is completely soulful. From the production to the features, the “The Divine Feminine” is filled with a spirit of neo-soul and funk as it takes the listener on a journey from beginning to end. The production is honestly immaculate, and is not overwhelming or lacking.

It possesses this “just right” appeal as each song seemed to be constructed with the next song in mind. The production helps the project flow, while simultaneously assisting with Miller’s ability and delivery.

The progression in Miller’s delivery from his previous three albums is very evident and clear. While each of those projects contained great aspects and characteristics, the growth in his wordplay, skills, and ability are even greater in “The Divine Feminine.” Miller seems more comfortable on this album. As he raps, he seems to reflect on personal accounts throughout the album that resonate with the listener. The lyrics are very relatable and relevant in terms of simply experiencing love. Miller’s bars are also very descriptive and a bit lustful. He holds nothing back as he describes how he would like to pleasure his other half. He gets so passionate that he is even heard singing on this album.

Many may suggest the album is essentially focused on his girlfriend, Ariana Grande, as her presence is felt throughout the album’s entirety. Along with her feature on the album, her voice can be heard in background vocals throughout the record. The album opens up with her  singing before Miller begins.

While every song is unique and the album is great overall, some standout tracks are, the Njomza assisted, “Planet God Damn,” the immensely beautiful and soulful “We,” which calls on CeeLo Green, “My Favorite Part,” featuring Ariana Grande,

“Stay,” and the album’s last song, “God is Fair, Sexy Nasty,” featuring Kendrick Lamar.

Overall, the album is structured well and flows all the way through. Its smooth appeal and vibe is simply contagious as you listen to it. “The Divine Feminine” is one of Miller’s best works and makes for a great listen whether in the house alone, or just driving with your significant other. The album is available on streaming services as well as iTunes.