Inexpensive cosmetic lines that do the trick


Alexis Robinson | Staff Writer

If you looking for a more neutral look that compliments almost any outfit or are more into deep pops of color that make you stand out from the crowd, here are some cosmetic lines that can give you everything you want for a cheap price.

First up, there are NYX cosmetics. The brand is distributed throughout several drugstores including CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid. In addition to these stores, ULTA provides numerous amounts of NYX products as well.

A defined matte lip is currently the most popular look in fashion. The new NYX Liquid Lingerie line of matte lipsticks provide a seamless finish, while getting the best of both worlds with a lip gloss and a product that will last the whole day. This product’s ridiculously affordable pricing and great quality products makes it one of the leading lip products on the market. These tubes will cost you approximately $7.00 before tax.

“You won’t be disappointed,” Fine Thompson, a junior journalism major from Richmond, Virginia, said.

The next makeup line is Milani cosmetics. With the different product names including the Bombshell, The Jet-Setter and The Heart-Breaker colors can easily be paired with these names.

Milani’s products can also be purchased at local drugstores. If you do not plan on visiting your neighborhood Walgreens anytime soon, you can always order the products online. Their lipsticks range from all colors and textures beginning with your lip cremes to popular matte lipsticks.

In addition to their various lipstick colors, Milani kicked it up a notch by releasing a special oil infused lip treatment that is priced at just $8.49 online.

The next fashion forward and inexpensive line-up in cosmetics is the ELF beauty products. ELF resembles another beauty product known as NARS, however if you are looking for a lighter yet natural look for the warmer weather, ELF’s bronzer and blush duo weighs in at about $3.00 from your local drugstore or Target.

While each of these brands provide something different, they all stand true to their mission to provide inexpensive yet quality products.

Certainly, your Sephora brands or MAC cosmetics might have the high end products that are well-known, but if there are products that are great duplicates for a cheaper price then try those out before investing in the more expensive ones .

These companies will provide an affordable way for the typical college student to stay within their budget, all while maintaining a flawless look.


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