Black History Month: Black movie nights at HU

Brittany Barksdale | Staff Writer
Black films have been a major part of the African American culture. In honor of Black History Month, the Hampton University history club is presenting a four-part film series celebrating black history month every Thursday night at 7 PM in the Scripps Howard Auditorium.
Movies like “The Color Purple” show the struggle of African-Americans faced during crucial times in American history.  They also showcase talented black actors in a positive light.
The past two films they have shown included “The Great Debaters” which stars and is directed by Denzel Washington. This historical movie follows a professor that decides to create a debate team at Wiley College during 1935 in Texas, leading up to the great debate against Harvard University, an Ivy league schools. Another movie that was played was the documentary film “The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975.” This historical documentary examines the advancement of the Black Power movement in the United States from 1967 to 1975.
Freshman Jahi Cooper from Rialto, California says watching the “Black Power Mixtape” gave him a better understanding of the truth behind the Black Power Movement. “In the history books in high school made it seem like the Black Power movement with the Black Panthers was a negative thing, that was violent. But watching the movie made me realize that it was created to empower people of color
On Thursday, February 18th, the history club will be showing the film “Killer of Sheep” directed by Charles Burnett. This film follows the life of the Los Angeles native Stan, and his days spent working in a slaughterhouse.
During the final Thursday in February, one of the most well known black films of all time “The Color Purple” will be shown on Thursday February 25th. Directed by Steven Spielberg, this film follows the life of Celie who has grown up in the South and survived abuse and bigotry during her lifetime.
Sophomore Erin Malone, an elementary education major from Palos Verdes, California, is happy that an organization decided to put on the film production. “I grew up in a very predominantly white community, and I was not really interested in watching these type of Black Films,” said Erin. “But now I have a better respect for these type of historical films being at Hampton and learning more about my culture, and I am excited to see ‘The Color Purple.’”
Be sure to watch the films every Thursday night at 7 PM in the Scripps Howard auditorium.

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