SGA speaks on progress at Hampton University

(Courtesy of HU SGA)
(Courtesy of HU SGA)

Justin Shaifer | SGA President 2015-2016

Greetings HU students, I truly hope this letter finds you well. As both an essentialist and non-materialistic student leader, part of my vision for SGA involves ensuring that student’s essentialities are addressed. This means that I may not always be the SGA President that provides you with tablets upon enrollment, or the most convenient parking spots. However, since my election in April 2015, I have used my best judgement to speak up for you, and provide you with everything that you need. SGA’s focal points have been ensuring student safety, continuity of a connected student body, and ensuring that students receive fair value for their education. For any students who would like a list of SGA’s past actions, an abridged list follows:

1) Reported pipe bursts, flooding, mold and other safety hazards across campus

2) Reported the registered sex offender and peeping tom incidents to Hampton administration

3) Worked with campus administration to bring a Starbucks to the Student Center

4) Worked with student liaisons to help bring a wider variety of vegan options to the university cafeteria

5) Supported the student body’s assembly in the incidents following the Mizzou protests and resulting presidential resignation

6) Released  a survey to students to help administration address student technology concerns

7) Provided a Q & A session for students to speak with SGA about their concerns

8) Planned and executed multiple community service and outreach opportunities for on-campus students

9) Collaboratively revised and updated SGA constitution to improve Senate, homecoming committee, and SGA Cabinet member selection processes

10) Conducted an informative seminar for students to understand their rights based upon the student handbook

11) Connected younger Hamptonian leadership with administrators to ensure continuity between generations of campus leaders and maintain a connected SGA.

In the future, SGA plans to:

1) Continue to encourage Hamptonian Pride

2) Continue to work towards updating campus technology

3) Provide further updates on the progress of the Student Center Starbucks, and filling the restaurant space in the Hampton Harbor Shopping Center

4) Travel with participating students to Richmond to lobby for HBCU funding

5) Compose an SGA manual for future administrations to transition into leadership smoothly.

Do you feel that your needs have not been addressed? What do you suggest? Tweet us  @HU_SGA. SGA is here for you.


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