Hampton University President William R. Harvey’s donations reach $3 million


Jerica Deck | Campus Editor

Dr. William R. Harvey recently donated $100,000 to the William R. Harvey Leadership institute. This donation will help to provide scholarships to the students in the leadership program. The students selected for this program will become “Harvey Scholars” and will minor in leadership studies.

The core values from this program reflect what Dr. Harvey embodies. These values include a strong work ethic, team building, academic excellence, vision,  innovation,  management, courage, fairness, fiscal conservatism and results. This recent donation will allow twenty students to receive five scholarships, each of which will be provided for a four year period. These scholarships will be awarded next semester in the Fall of 2016.

“I think that the program has helped me to become the kind of leader I am. The fact that Harvey donated to us it only helps to better president and future leadership fellows,” said Brandon Funderburke, a third- year pharmacy major, leadership studies minor from Hempstead, New York.

With the latest donation, this totals Dr. William Harvey’s amount of personal to $3,066,327. These donations have helped students thrive in the leadership institute, by providing them with scholarships.

Harvey has also used his funds to help the university in other ways. In 2011, Harvey donated $1 million to be used towards increasing the salaries of the faculty and staff. Later that year and then a second time in 2014, Harvey also donated $274,403 to support increasing the salaries of full time and permanent staff members. Harvey and his wife also donated $1 million in 2001 to allow students who are desire to become K-12 teachers to have scholarships.

“My parents were my first role models,” Harvey said when describing his inspiration to donate.  “Establishing the W.D.C. Harvey Endowed Scholarships in my father’s name is my way of honoring all of the life lessons they shared.  They taught my sister Anne and me the benefit of giving and sharing to improve the world we live in. The scholarships will assist in making it possible for the next generation of leaders to emerge.”

During his 38 year presidency at Hampton University, Dr. William R. Harvey has garnered many accomplishments. Along with donating and assisting with various scholarship programs, Harvey has done a lot to benefit this campus. During his reign as president Hampton has had the largest free-standing proton therapy cancer treatment center in the world and satellites in space. Hampton also excels in the arts, athletics, and most importantly academics.

This donation will allow students to further education and develop into leaders. Dr. Harvey’s various contributions will only better Hampton University and help the school to grow.


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