Home for the Holidays: Is bringing your significant other home for Thanksgiving moving too fast?


Alexandria Carmon | Staff Writer

After months of undergoing time consuming assignments and daunting examinations, students are starting to make their Thanksgiving arrangements. Some students plan on staying on campus, while others are choosing to go home. However, not everyone is going home alone. Some are bringing their significant others to meet their family.

While your beau may get a chance to try your grandmother’s secret gumbo recipe, there is another recipe he or she should consider. Bringing your significant other home too early, is indeed a recipe for disaster.

If he is going to be rubbing elbows with your uncle, sharing a remote with your dad, and eating out of your refrigerator, your relationship needs to be serious.

Amber Gardner, junior, journalism major, from Newport News, Virginia agrees that a couple should date for at least half a year before considering going home with each other. “If it’s been less than six months, I would say that’s way too early.”

A two-month relationship is not considered serious. If that was the case, you would be bringing a new person to Thanksgiving dinner every year, which would not only confuse your family but it will send a message to your partner that you do this with everyone you date. Thanksgiving break is only a few days.

If your relationship is not at a serious point, leave your partner here. Let them go home and enjoy their own family and food. If you must have some form of contact with them during break, Skype.

Bringing someone home is meant for your partner to meet his or her potential in-laws. However, if you and your partner have not discussed the future, it is too early for them to meet your parents.

Leondra Head, a freshman, journalism major, from Atlanta, says she would not go home with her significant other unless she considers the relationship serious. “It would bring bad vibes to your family if you haven’t known your partner that long.”

In addition, before you even consider bringing your partner home, you both should know a good amount of things about each other.

For example, if you know her parents are divorced and she is celebrating with her mom this year, you can avoid the embarrassment of asking where her dad is at the dinner table. In addition, if your partner has never seen you with braces, are you ready for them to see that embarrassing, brace-face portrait of you on top of the piano? According to blogger, Sabrina Boyd, “Bringing someone into your family means showing them your past, too.”

You need to be fully comfortable with someone first if you want your family to be comfortable around them too.

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