Enjoying Thanksgiving away from home


Brittany Barksdale | Staff Writer

During Thanksgiving, many students head back home for the holidays. For some students, Thanksgiving break is spent lounging in the dorms rather than going home. 

A majority of students that cannot make the trip home, spend the holidays with friends and their family. Malikah Saafir, a sophomore nursing major from Los Angeles, was amongst many west-coast students that were not able to travel back home for last year’s Thanksgiving break.

“I spent my break in Washington, D.C., and it was hard staying away from home mainly because you are spending your Thanksgiving with a family that is not yours” said Saafir. “My birthday is also during the break. I was legally an ‘adult’ and not able to share it with my family.”

Even though spending time away from her family was difficult, Saafir had a fun and memorable time. She also believes spending time with her friend during the holiday, made her and her friend become closer. “It’s almost as if your friend becomes your family, it is nice to know that you have someone to looking out for you while you are away from home.”

Alexis Scott, a sophomore journalism major from Lansing, Michigan, also spent her Thanksgiving on campus. Staying on campus turned out to be a very different experience than she expected. Scott stayed in Moton Hall along with the dorm director, Ms. Wilkins, and three other girls.

Her dorm director ended up bringing her daughter and grandkids and served everyone dinner in the television room of Moton Hall. “It was cool, me and the girls ended up hanging out, we went out to the movies and to dinner over the weekend,” Scott stated.

Scott continued on to talk about how much she truly missed her family while away. “I was sad when my family Face Timed me the day of Thanksgiving, but I got over it once I realized everyone would be back on campus in a couple of days.”

Thanksgiving break runs from the Wednesday before the holiday to the following Sunday. The three-week long Christmas break is shortly after Thanksgiving break. “I wanted to go home, but it was so expensive and Christmas break was coming up, so I knew I would see my family soon.”

Nothing can compare to spending Thanksgiving with one’s family. For many people, going away for school means Thanksgiving is one of the first holidays students may miss out on with their  family. Whether a person is staying on campus or spending the break with friends, he or she can still have a memorable time even if it is not with his  own family.

Thanksgiving is not just about stuffing one’s face with grandmother’s famous sweet potato pie, it is about being thankful for the people that go out of their way to make others feel like a part of the family.


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