Missy Elliott comes back with new music video “WTF (Where They From) “


Joseph Gaither | Staff Writer

The futuristic, charismatic Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott is back and better than ever. For most people, the last time they saw and heard the Portsmouth, Virginia native’s music was in February, when Elliott performed a mini set during Katy Perry’s big performance at Super Bowl XLIX. Since then, Missy has slowly but surely been fueling a beautiful comeback. USAToday breaks down the timeline of Elliott’s return to music.  

Shortly after her epic performance at the Super Bowl, she “jumped on a remix of Take Ü There, the EDM hit from Skrillex and Diplo’s collaborative group.”

During the summer months, Missy performed in July at the Essence Fest. “She helped close out Day 3 of the iconic New Orleans festival, giving attendees a legendary way to spend their Fourth of July.” In August, she dropped a huge bomb on the world by joining her friend and other Virginia native Pharrell as his team’s mentor on the huge television show “The Voice.”

As the fall approached, the hip hop emcee joined forces with Janet Jackson, who had also fired her comeback with the release of her first album since 2008 entitled “Unbreakable.” Elliott put a verse on the high-energy pop fueled song “BURNITUP.”

With November approaching its midpoint, Missy released an amazing new single and an even greater video entitled “WTF (Where They From).” The song and video were released Thursday, November 13. The song delivers fast paced, high-energy, and futuristic vibes that makes people of all ages simply want to get up and start dancing.  E! News says the star released a snippet of the song in the latter parts of October.

“A snippet of “WTF (Where They From)” has been making waves since late October, when ESPN started using it in NBA commercials.

In regards to the video, Elliott directed it with her “longtime friend Dave Meyers.” E! News says, “Their history is a long one, as he either directed or co-directed her biggest videos, including 2001’s “Get Ur Freak On,” 2001’s “One Minute Man,” 2001’s “Take Away/4 My People,” 2002’s “Work It,” 2003’s “Gossip Folks,” 2003’s “Pass That Dutch,” 2005’s “Lose Control,” 2006’s “We Run This” and 2008’s “Ching-a-Ling/Shake Your Pom Pom.”

Many know Missy Elliott for her futuristic settings, distinctive outfits and large dance numbers. “WTF (Where They From)” delivers just that.

“In the futuristic “WTF (Where They From), Elliott covers herself in mirrors and fuses street wear with pop art. There’s even a scene with marionettes made in the likenesses of Elliott and Williams. Simple enough to say, Elliott never runs out of ideas.” With this new music and video, the next questions that come to mind are: “Will there be an album?” “If so, when can fans expect the album?” and  “Is a tour in the making?”

Hopefully as time progresses and the new year approaches, Ms. Missy Misdemeanor will unveil some surprises for all of the die-hard fans that have been waiting patiently to hear new music and see new music videos from her.


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