The Bose family is still looking for answers

Joanna Rowell & Brittany Barksdale | Staff Writers

Weeks have passed since Joseph Bose was shot and killed in Norfolk, Virginia and the police still have no leads or information that would be helpful in finding the culprit.

The Norfolk police were responding to a call about someone being shot and Bose was found at 3:15 am on October 31. Bose was at a party near Old Dominion University when the incident happened, and the 20- year-old journalism major is still being mourned my family, friends, and classmates, who are all seeking closure.

The Bose family has asked the public for help and have set up a Gofundme page to raise reward money, in the hopes that someone will come forward with any information that can help police.

In a press conference following the shooting, Sgt. Daryl Jarvis of the Norfolk police department admitted, “We don’t have many witnesses.”

The family and police are hoping this reward money will be incentive enough for those who were in attendance at the party and for those who were there when Bose was senselessly shot to come forward.

Family and friends of Joseph Bose, escorted by the Norfolk Police Department, went into the Norfolk community last weekend to alert them of the tragedy. The group handed out flyers to the public that had information on the reward and on who to call with any leads.

Dr. Mavis Carr, one of Bose’s professors, mentioned that “Joe’s death has really resonated with people and they really care. People really seem to understand the overall implications of the situation and I’m glad to still hear news outlets talking about it.”

The Gofundme was news to her but Dr. Carr was pleased to see “some kind of positive movement with donors from such a negative event.”

After only a couple of days, the page raised more than $1,700. The Bose family is hoping to raise at least $25,000. In addition to the reward money, police are offering up an additional $1,000 reward for any information that leads them to the perpetrator.

Bose was a student enrolled in the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications at Hampton University, and through his hard work and dedication left an impressionable mark in the school. In remembrance of his name, the Scripps Howard is planning on creating the Joseph K. Bose Endowed Scholarship.

The death of Joseph Bose left Hampton University campus in awe. It was hard to believe that one of Hampton’s own was gone. People will always remember the memories they shared with Bose, whether they were his family, friends, professors, classmates or just people he smiled and waved at walking around campus.

Now, Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications is doing something that will have Joseph Bose’s name live on for years and years to come.

Joseph Bose was a bright and promising journalism student who had a unique optimistic spirit. As both his family and Hampton University are still waiting for justice, they still continue to honor his legacy.

With the creation of the Joseph K. Bose Scholarship, students with a passion for journalism just like Joseph, will be able to thrive.

If you have any information on the crime, you can anonymously call the Hampton Roads Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.


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