Watch out for “red flags” in relationships


Brittany Barksdale | Staff Writer

Abusive relationships can be a topic that sometimes makes people feel uncomfortable. It is difficult to see a friend or family member trapped in an unhealthy relationship. At Hampton University, students and the Title IX Office have started the Red Flag Campaign to bring awareness to abusive relationships and put a stop to them.

According to a 2015 study done by the Association of American Universities, 23 percent of women reported they have had nonconsensual sexual contact occur personally to them. This study collected data from 27 different universities across the country. Among the schools that participated, many reported that the percentages of sexual assault/abuse on campus, were actually higher than the reported average.

Hampton University has always put the safety of their students first, especially in regards to abusive and sexual behavior toward students. “Red Zone” is a term used on college campuses to refer to the first six to eight weeks of the year during which rape toward freshman female students is the highest.

Now that freshmen are off of curfew, it is highly important that freshmen are aware of the signs, so they can avoid any dangerous situations.

Throughout the week, students placed red flags in various places on the university’s campus in an effort to spread awareness and get people to speak up about abusive relationships. Title IX Coordinator, Kelly Harvey wants students to be aware of the signs of unhealthy relationships.

She also hopes if students recognize these signs in their relationships or relationships of others, that they will stand up and say something. Students can use the (hashtags) HamptonURedFlagCampaign, SaySomething, HamptonUSaySomething, and RedFlagCampaign to make a difference and spread awareness about sexual abuse on campus.

To make their cause more known, the organization set up tables during 12-2. At the booth they had a selfie board with the (hashtag) RedFlagCampaign written across it, so students on campus can take pictures and post them to their social media accounts for their followers to learn more information about developing healthy relationships. Along with the photobooth, students could get informational flyers about personality traits and actions in their relationships to help determine whether those traits are healthy or unhealthy. Along with flyers they also had brochures about the different types of abuse that can occur such as emotional, sexual, and physical abuse.

Harvey also wants people to know that the counseling center is always  available for students. to talk about anything going on in their life, or if they just need someone to talk to.

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