Seeking sympathy at Howard University

(Howard University. HUFFINGTONPOST)
(Howard University. HUFFINGTONPOST)

Nyaa Ferary | Opinions Editor

Howard University’s latest headline is about its decision to evict a student from his dorm. Sophmore Jawanza Ingram admitted that he allowed someone to come in through the emergency exit of his dorm for a party that he was having for his roommate.

Jawanza Ingram then went to Twitter and took several pictures of himself sitting on a bench with his belongings saying that he is now homeless. Twitter users created the (hashtag) HomelessatHoward in support of Jawanza Ingram saying that the school was reacting harshly. Articles have stated that it was the student’s first offense and he should not have been evicted since this was his first strike. However, Howard had every right to react the way they did.

Many of these people did not know that Jawanza Ingram was throwing a party in his dorm where illegal substances were present. At any given school, every student is provided a student handbook with all the rules and regulations at the beginning of the school year. Both students and faculty are expected to follow those rules when they sign their contract. Whether a student chooses to read the handbook and know what is expected of them is their own personal responsibility.

On the Howard University website it is clearly stated on behalf of the Office of Residence Life that, “a zero tolerance policy concerning students found to be in the possession of, or using, weapons and/or illegal drugs… Students found to be in possession of or using, weapons or illegal drugs will be required to vacate University housing immediately without the possibility for housing privileges in University housing ever again.”

The student admitted that he was wrong and must now pay the consequences. He should not have resorted to exploiting the situation on social media and trying to get sympathy from something that he was at fault in.

Also, Twitter users are always eager to latch on to a fragment of a story and blow it out of proportion. However, Twitter and Instagram users were posting how much they supported him and how ready they were to protest the Howard administration.

On the other hand, Howard’s decision to evict Jawanza Ingram is strange in that it would have just been easier for them to expel him. At Hampton, all students are familiar with the “Out by 5” policy. If an offense is serious enough, a student will be expected to leave their dorm room by 5 o’clock in the evening the following day after a hearing with Hampton’s adinistration.

All Hamptonians are warned well in advance of this rule from the moment they attend an open house. But they still choose to attend, therefore agreeing to abide by the rule.

Jawanza Ingram is from Miami, so it is an inconvenience for him to still be enrolled in a school he has nowhere to live at. This exhibits the rare moment that one of Hampton’s rules is logical. Even though a student has received the “Out by 5” letter, at least they can try to enroll in another school without having ties to their former institution.

He had no former record and had a full scholarship that covered his housing. It will be a struggle for him to find the money to pay for housing. However, he is currently living with a friend. This situation exemplifies how students can be at fault, but they are just good at twisting a story around in their favor.

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