Domestic Violence: It’s not only the guys


Alexandria Carmon | Staff Writer

From slapping to devastating murders, domestic violence occurs on a daily basis. According to research done by the University of Michigan’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center, among college students who were sexually assaulted, “35 percent  of attempted rapes occurred on dates, 22 percent of threatened rapes occurred on dates, and 12 percent of completed rapes occurred on dates.”

Although most cases of domestic violence include a man beating a woman, women can be abusive in a relationship as well. One can try to justify that they can hit their boyfriend because his perceived masculinity, and therefore he will go unharmed.

Whether or not it causes pain is not the point. The main issue that makes domestic violence so terrible is that you are disrespecting your partner. You should love your partner to the point that  you would never try to cause any intentional pain to him or her. In addition, there are deranged and demented women out there who are extremely jealous to the extent where they retaliate in deathly ways.

For example, a college man from Houston named Michael Williams was killed by his girlfriend for posting a “Woman Crush Wednesday” photo of another girl. A “Women Crush Wednesday” is just a simple trend that makes posting a picture more enjoyable. This proves the point that women are just as capable of harming men.

Another way in which a girl can abuse her boyfriend is through constant verbal abuse. For example, if she constantly squashes her boyfriend’s  dreams, belittles him or humiliates him  in front of his  peers, then this  is a sign of abuse. Men are reluctant to speak out due to fear of public scrutiny.

“When you think of a guy you think of someone that’s suppose to be strong, and so you think it won’t affect him much,” says senior, Edward White, a business management major, from Spotsylvania, Virginia. This is why many college men do not report domestic abuse, and therefore do not try to seek out help.

Men in this society are not taken seriously when it comes to physical and verbally abusive relationships. In fact, most of the people who were asked what they would do if they saw a girl slap her boyfriend said they would not intervene.

“I would not intervene because I feel like that’s their business,” says Ashley Givhens, a sophomore, biology major, from Chicago. In addition, when asked if they would intervene if a guy slapped his girlfriend, everybody that was interviewed said they would.

“I would intervene because the force behind the slap is different. I feel that no man should hit a woman,” says sophomore, Taylor Mayo, a psychology major from Washington, D.C. People are so quick to laugh at a boy being abused by his girlfriend, yet heartstrings are tugged hard when a guy is abusing a girl. Society needs to take all forms of abuse seriously.

A healthy relationship should include respect. Therefore, a girl should not have the right to hit her boyfriend. If a simple slap goes unpunished, soon instead of using her hand she might use her car or a gun.

To defeat this issue teachers, parents and the overall society need to preach that domestic violence is never acceptable no matter what gender is involved.

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