Retro style: The rebirth of 90’s fashion

Lindsey Bianca | Staff Writer

Claim this month as “90’s November.” I encourage all Hamptonians to get out there and strut your 90’s gear. Some ideas are Denise Huxtable from The Cosby Show or Steve Urkel from Family Matters.

Two freshmen stood out with their 90’s outfits. Amari Whitaker also known as “Mars” is a forensics chemistry major from Rocky Mount, North Carolina. She lives up to her nickname with a funky, retro, 90’s shirt bought from a local thrift store. As a college student, it is best to shop smarter, not harder. The best outfits and shoes can be found right at a local thrift store.

Tyra Banks is Whitaker’s inspiration when it comes to fashion because she dares to be different. Whitaker’s yellow and grey, futuristic, spacey “jelly boots” show how unique her style is. These “jelly boots” are see through so Whitaker decided to make even more of a fashion statement by wearing some vibrant socks that accentuate her whole outfit. One of Whitaker’s mottos is “Be bold from every perspective.”

(Amari Whitaker)
(Amari Whitaker)

Another fashion-forward Hamptonian is Eric Dockery, a five-year MBA major from Los Angeles. He grasps the ladies’ attention with a sleek look.

Dockery does not have a specific person who inspired his fashion. Instead, he takes pieces from everyone in the industry and transforms it into his own unique style.

(Eric Dockery)
(Eric Dockery)

Dockery is definitely dominating with his navy blue, grey & white nostalgic Nike jacket, denim jeans and all white huaraches.

Whitaker and Dockery  had different approaches to the “90’s theme” November. Stay tuned for next week’s Fashion Spotlight and keep looking fly while rocking the 90’s November style.

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