The Hampton legacy continues: Students who followed the footsteps of family members

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Brittany Barksdale | Contributing Writer

Being a legacy student at Hampton University appears to be a common trend at the university. Sometimes students are second generation, and other times attending Hampton University is just a tradition for the whole family. 

Erin Malone, a sophomore psychology major from Palos Verdes, California, was influenced by her older sister to attend Hampton University. Malone’s older sister, Ebony Malone graduated from Hampton in the spring of 2011 with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Malone remembers listening to all the stories her sister would tell her about going to Hampton and how much fun it seemed like she was having. “Ebony always sets a positive example, so when she would talk about her experiences at Hampton, I really listened to what she would have to say and put that into consideration when I was deciding to apply to college.” 

After Erin visited Hampton’s campus for her sister’s graduation, she knew that it was a university she would like to attend.

At first, Ebony was very skeptical about attending Hampton because it was so far away from home, but she soon realized that Hampton University was the right school. “I visited the university during high school day and knew that Hampton was a good fit for me” Ebony states. “Coming from California, we do not learn or even hear about historically Black colleges or universities, and I wanted to get a chance to have the HBCU experience and I knew I would get that at Hampton. And it was great to share all the knowledge I had gained about the school to my little sister and help her out so she would be able to pick the right school for herself.”

For some students like Lauren Hunter, generations after generations of their family have attended Hampton University. Lauren Hunter is a sophomore psychology major from Newport News, Virginia.

“Both of my parents, my grandmother and numerous amount of cousins attended Hampton from the class of 1949 to the class of 2018,” said Hunter. Growing up, Lauren attended almost every football game and participated in every homecoming event and considered Hampton University to be her second home.

When applying to colleges for her senior year in high school, Lauren kept her options open applying to different universities in addition to Hampton. She strongly considered other options such as Spelman College and the University of Richmond. However, after discussing with her parents and making a long, hard decision, Lauren realized that going to Hampton would benefit her in the long run, just as it did for her parents and their careers after graduation.

Lauren believes she made the right choice in choosing to attend Hampton University to pursue her educational career. She also states “it’s very surreal going to the school that has been a part of my family for 66 years, and I feel honored to continue the legacy.”

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