Get “InTheMixAtHU”


Naya Jacobs | Staff Writer

After InTheMixAtHU made its debut by flooding Instagram and Twitter feeds with their logo, students wondered what the radio station was all about. InTheMix is a student ran radio station that caters to  the students on campus. Hampton students saw a need to bring an interactive radio station that students can relate and listen to.

Recently, InTheMixAtHU took to social  media to  release a promo video that unveiled  the hosts of show. After the promo video, the anticipation of the radio station has made students even more anxious to listen to their show.

The initial goal of InTheMixAtHU is to bring the trendiest entertainment and news to our Home By The Sea. The co-director Diamond Ohemeng, a sophomore strategic communications major from Yonkers, New York, said, “We noticed there wasn’t a radio show on campus ran primarily by students and wanted to give our fellow Hamptonians the opportunity to branch out and use radio as an outlet.”

Students should expect various content including entertainment, news, and politics that will be aired on the show. InTheMixAtHU will also be incorporating their own segments to engage  listeners and be interactive with its audience.

Another co-director Taylor White, a sophomore strategic communications from Aurora, Illinois stated, “Students should expect InTheMixAtHU to talk about things that happen every day in the life of a college student. From relationship and friendship advice to world news, student should anticipate content that will be targeted to them as audience.”

As of now, InTheMixAtHU is currently working on the completion of their website, where it will be the home of their podcasts. InTheMixAtHU hopes to have their website finished by November and expects their first show to be before December.

Everyone at InTheMixAtHU is working diligently behind the scenes on their upcoming projects that they cannot wait to share with the students. The campus should expect something great from this program. Be sure to follow their Twitter and Instagram @InTheMixAtHU, for more information and updates to what’s about to happen next.


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