Cosby ordered to testify


Aliah Williamson | Print Copy Desk

America’s favorite TV dad and stand-up comedian, Bill Cosby, is finally facing the music. Many women have gone public with allegations that Cosby drugged and raped them while they were young women in the entertainment industry.

The stories come from a wide-range of women, yet the stories all sound the same; Cosby used his fame and power to force them into sexual acts.

Cosby has not addressed any of these allegations under oath since 2005 when he admitted to using Quaaludes on women he wanted to have sex with. Now, another allegation by Judy Huth caused a judge to demand Cosby appear in court this Friday.

Judy Huth claims that Cosby drugged and raped her in the Playboy Mansion when she was only 15 years old. Huth’s case is one of the few Cosby accusations that will be seen in court because as a minor, the statute of limitation is extended. Many of the other Cosby cases have been dismissed because the alleged actions happened too long ago.

Gloria Allred, a famous feminist attorney, will be grilling Cosby on Friday. She has already declared that she will not let Cosby get off easy during the questioning. Allred said on CNN “Mr. Cosby, I’m really looking forward to seeing you in person at this deposition.”

She added that he needs to “get ready.” Allred plans to have Cosby in the hot seat for up to seven hours according to

While many are excited for Friday to hear Cosby finally go under oath about the lewd allegations, they just might be disappointed. There is a good possibility that Cosby won’t show up to the hearing, or he might refuse to answer any questions.

He knows that he is facing possible criminal charges and his reputation will never be the same after the hearing.

If, by chance, Cosby does show up to the hearing and makes a confession, the public will still be waiting some time to hear about it. A part of the judge’s ruling is that the recording will not be released to the public until at least December.

Many will be watching and waiting to hear the results of this hearing. For some it will be confirmation of what they have already known and suspected for years since the first allegations surfaced. While, for others, it will be the final revealing of the truth of Cliff Huxtable’s secret life.


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