The sounds of Hampton Idol

Konnor Miles | Contributing Writer

On Monday, October 5, 2015, Hampton University kicked off homecoming in Ogden Hall with the Hampton Idol competition. A new star emerged amidst a group of talented contestants in the Hampton Idol competition.

The competitors also showed off their various talents including singing, rapping, and spoken word. Shay Washington, a senior architecture major from Virginia Beach, Virginia,  took the title of Hampton Idol because of her great style and lyrical voice.

Lauren Lattimore, a junior accounting major from Bowie, Maryland, was a contestant in the competition. “I focus on you and what you can do rather than worrying about what someone else is doing,” said Lattimore about her number one competition strategy.

Like Lattimore, many contestants simply enjoyed having the opportunity to perform and create bonds with the other contestants over their shared passion for music.

As students cheered on their fellow classmates, it was clear that they were excited by the dynamic differences of each competitor. With this marking his second year over the event, Assistant Director Phillip Gatling Jr. pointed out that the overall group has provided a variety of talents.

“Success is not given, it is earned through the principles you live by,” said Summers. “Winning Hampton Idol was an indescribable feeling. I put my heart and soul into my music and to see people in tune with my songs as they were at the show was truly a blessing.”

Washington said she is thankful for the experience. “The funny thing is, my friend dragged me to the audition,” said Washington. “I’ve met so many great people and made new friends along the way. It’s especially great when they’re musicians because we vibe together on a different level. It was an opportunity through which was I was able to express myself artistically. I’m immensely grateful for that.”

With the variety of talent, Hampton Idol continued its tradition in welcoming students to show off their talents, while connecting with other Hamptonians who have a love for music.

Despite Hampton Idol being a competition, each member of the show put on a great performance.

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