Hampton football WR TJ Mixson: Great season, great school year

(Hampton Script Staff)
(Hampton Script Staff)

Bakari Clemmons | Staff Writer

In college, you generally have four types of people. You have the people that are all about their books. You have those that are very active on their campus and in the community. You have the people that play a sport and excel in it. And, finally, you have those that do all three.

Redshirt junior Twarn TJMixson is a sports management major, business management minor from Charlotte, NC. He currently holds a 3.1 GPA after obtaining a 4.265 GPA in high school. Mixson is a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. and is the Vice President of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee at Hampton University. Upon completing his undergraduate career, Mixson plans on getting his masters degree and eventually becoming an athletic director.

With all of these accomplishments, along with his future goals, he already looks like a good applicant for most jobs. On top of his academic and extracurricular success, however, he is also a pivotal part of the successful 2015-16 Hampton Pirates football team. In the first game of the regular season, Mixson caught an astounding four TD receptions in the Pirates 35-20 win over Kentucky State.

It was in this game that Mixson caught two or more touchdowns in one game for the first time in his collegiate career. Mixsons first five touchdown receptions in the first two weeks of the season were tied for the most in the FCS. He also briefly relived his high school career as a quarterback and threw for a 15 yard touchdown in the Week 2 loss vs Richmond.

Mixson is currently ranked #1 in both receptions and receiving yards per game this season. Through 5 games, he is averaging 20 yards per carry, five receptions a game and a solid 100 yards per game. He has already matched his career season-high total of six touchdowns and, with six games remaining in the season, it’s likely that the number should only increase. He has also set a career-high in passing yards with 34 yards by throwing and completing the only two passes of his collegiate career, both for touchdowns.

Just a year removed from making the 1st Team All-MEAC team and leading the MEAC in receiving yards per game (68.3), Mixson has not slowed down. He attributes some of his success to his family. Growing up, all I had was my mother and my grandmotherits always good having someone in your corner, supporting you the whole way through.His mother, Taiwanna Garrett, definitely plays a huge role in his life and is completely dedicated to her son. She drove nearly 2,000 miles round-trip to see her son play at Western Illinois two years ago.

As far as the receiving core goes, Mixson expresses how close they are. We came in together and were going to leave together.The 510 receiver credits the Pirates’ great start to the time the team put in over the summer. Thats how David (Watford) and I really meshedThe rest of the team as well.TJ is proud of his personal achievements but cares more about his team’s overall goal. This game is a team effort. Its not just about me or anyone else by themselves. Its about all of us.

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