Hampton finishes homecoming with annual gospel concert

Alexis Robinson | Staff Writer

Numerous students, family, friends, faculty, and staff enjoyed the adrenaline-filled performances during the annual Homecoming Gospel Concert at Hampton on Sunday.

Prior to the highly anticipated guest Kierra Sheard blessing the stage, there were various opening acts to lift up everyone’s spirits. Jarrid Evans, a Hampton University Senior, Strategic Communications major from Chicago, Illinois also graced the stage on several different occasions in his Sunday best.

After hearing all of the show stopping performances, Evans said, “I thoroughly enjoyed the performances , I felt like this years concert had a much more churchy feel to it. Also, the audience had amazing energy which made my job very easy.”

Judging by the standing ovations that each performer received, it was clear that this event was quite the gospel party. Francine Marquis, a senior 5-year MBA major-leadership studies minor from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania said “I would give this evening’s overall performance an A. I was kind of sad that Kierra Sheard didn’t get to perform her songs [especially my favorite one], but she did turn this event into a church service and I absolutely enjoyed myself!”

The concert flooded social media that night. After scrolling through Twitter, Snap Chat, and Instagram, one will see various posts with the hashtag #HUHCGospelConcert.

Warrior Generation, The Air Movement, Anointed Praise Dancers, and many more artists gave the crowd enough inspiration for any test, quiz, lab, and then some that you might need the strength to overcome.

 Kierra Sheard gave a truly soulful performance in Ogden Hall. As Marquis described, Sheard transitioned your “typical concert” into a full blown “church service.” Her vocals were nothing less than surreal and her testimony of trials and tribulations made everyone’s moment all the more worthwhile.

Sheard clearly left her mark on Hampton University’s campus and in layman’s terms the Sheard can’t just sing; this woman can ‘SANG’.

 The overall show was phenomenal and as far as a happy ending to your homecoming by the sea goes, this was definitely one for the books. Attending the homecoming gospel concert is key to the HBCU experience and is night the audience will never forget

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