Bryson Tiller releases debut album “T R A P S O U L”


Carla Ford | Staff Writer

Bryson Tiller, the 22-year-old singer-songwriter behind the song “Don’t” has finally released his debut album. 

He first entered the music industry in 2009 but it was not until 2011 that he released his first mixtape, “KILLER INSTINCT VOL.1.”

He received more recognition when he released “Don’t” back in October of 2014. It managed to be 103 on the Billboard’s Top 100 list and 22 million listens on Soundcloud. The song did not go unnoticed by the hit makers in the game.

Timbaland and Drake recognized the young talent and made sure that fans knew about it too. Tiller has a very unique sound. While placed in the R&B/Soul genre, it is no surprise that he can cross over into hip-hop effortlessly.

Following the release of “Don’t,” “Just Another Interlude” was released a little over a month ago. This song is sampled from Drake’s song “Bria’s Interlude” that features Omarion.

Tiller admires Drake, so he wasted no time getting his blessing for the sample. This song currently has 5.65 million plays on Soundcloud to go along with its 142 thousand likes.

Tiller’s fan base is quickly growing. Fans like Lauren Davis, a junior business management major from Texas, have been hooked to the artist since the release of “Don’t.”  “When Don’t first dropped, I instantly became a fan. I was eager to hear more of his work.” said Davis.

“When his album released I was so excited. I love the vibe it brings. It is something I listen to on the daily.”

Fans simply could not wait.  Many downloaded it the moment it became available. While Tiller juggles fatherhood and making music, he is very excited about all of his accomplishments thus far.

Check out the five star album on ITunes now for only $7.99.

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