WHOV revamps its newscast for the 2015-2016 school year

(Margie Merritt)

Margie Merritt | Contributing Writer

News is breaking everyday, and the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications is proud to announce the revamped WHOV Student News Program.

From production to editorial staff, the students are in total control of the WHOV program airing live on Hampton’s campus. Last week, students auditioned for all on-air positions, from reporters to main anchors.

All classifications were represented during the auditions. Leondra Head, a freshman journalism major from Newnan, Georgia thinks it is a great experience.

“It’s great for WHOV auditions to be open to freshmen,” said Head.  “This gives freshmen an opportunity to get their foot in the door as soon as they come to Hampton.”

WHOV gives all students the opportunity to get hands on experience without having to leave campus. This year the team plans to enlist students to help in making the final decision of who they want to see on the air.

Starting this week auditions will be running every other hour in the Scripps Howard Atrium. After you have selected your favorites you can send your votes to WHOVTV@gmail.com.

Though the selection process is open to all students, some have mixed feelings about how people are chosen. “This could be good or bad,” said Caelyn Sutton, a junior journalism major from Atlanta. “Students could just pick their friends and not really the best person for the position.”

Davon Moore, a junior journalism major from Greenville, North Carolina thinks otherwise. “This will provide a great real world experience for us,” said Moore. “Having our peers and faculty voting is very similar to what we would go through with industry executives.”

Along with selecting new talent, WHOV also has a new faculty advisor.  Kurt Hogan is a renowned journalist who began his media career as an actor and producer in New York City.

Hogan along with the team of student producers lead the student auditions. “I have already seen some extraordinarily talented students, in both my classrooms as well as those who have expressed interest in becoming a part of the show, both in front of and behind the camera,” said Hogan.

WHOV is dedicated to bringing the news to the students at Hampton University. During the 30 minute broadcast, the newscast covers campus, local, national, business, entertainment and sports news. This year WHOV will also have a special political feature that will cover the presidential road to the White House.

Starting October 15, WHOV will air live every Thursday at 7pm. Voting for anchors ends October 9.


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