There’s Moore to your rights

Arriana McLymore | Editor-in-chief

The Hampton University Student Government Association (SGA) is continuing to make its mark on campus for the 2015- 2016 academic year by introducing new positions to the organization.

Davon Moore, a junior journalism major from Greenville, North Carolina, is the Attorney General for SGA, one of the newest positions in the organization. The role of the Attorney General is to ensure that all students know their rights and responsibilities at Hampton University.

It is also the Attorney General’s duty to make sure that students of the university know the rules and regulations stated in Hampton University’s Code of Conduct.

“Sometimes students need to hear it from their peers about the rules and their rights or how to make it here versus hearing it from administration,” said Moore.

Earlier this month, Moore held an event to illustrate the importance of knowing what is in the student handbook and the consequences. The event was called Know Your Rights #HUStudentsMatter and consisted of a panel of students and faculty of the university.

“This event is just to make students aware of what’s in place, so that when we do have town hall meetings, they can voice their opinions and questions there,” said Moore. “It’s also to address their concerns with the student trustee, who has connections to administration.”

SGA Vice President Justin Williams, Student Trustee LaQuayle Agurs, Miss Pre-Law and member of the Hampton University NAACP chapter Bria Henry, Junior Class President Rashad Williams, Director of Student Activities Anzell Harrell, Richard East, a member of the Hampton University police department served as panelists for the event.

The rules that are violated most frequently on Hampton’s campus by students is the use of drugs and alcohol. The second rule in the Hampton University Code of Conduct states “to be involved in the possession, use, distribution of and sale of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited and is in direct violation of the Hampton University Code, on or off campus.”

“I want to help students understand that now that they are a part of this family, this university, you are the university,” said Moore. “So, where you go, the name Hampton carries with you.”

Once students have violated the rules and regulations described in the official student handbook and Code of Conduct, it is reported to Hampton University’s administration.

Violations can lead to students being suspended or expelled, which is determined after a hearing with administration. If a student is suspended or expelled, they are required to be off of university grounds by 5 o’clock in the evening the following day. This process has been coined “out by five.”

“Once you violate what’s in the handbook, you’re setting yourself up because there is nothing else anyone can do,” said Moore. “As Attorney General, I just want to help you realize what’s in the handbook, to prevent you from getting to that point of getting out by five.”

Moore is currently planning more events to bring student awareness to the Code of Conduct. Some of these events will include dorm chats, presentations, and other forms of communication throughout the student body.

Moore continues to inform students on the ins and outs of the student handbook, while advising students to make responsible decisions for their futures.

“Think about yourself. Think about your future, your education, and everything you’ve work towards before you get yourself in trouble,” advised Moore.

This is only the beginning for Moore and Hampton University’s SGA. This week will continue with other SGA events such as a community service opportunity, a movie night and a seminar.

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