Hampton students inducted at 2015 SGA Inauguration

(Dominique Hill/Hampton Script Staff)
(Dominique Hill/Hampton Script Staff)

Marquise Brown | Staff Writer

The SGA family added a few new members this week during the annual Student Government Association Inauguration. Students smiled proudly as they were inducted into their various positions.

For the inductees, tonight was unforgettable. Excited inductee Jaila Durant, a Sophomore entrepreneurship major from Detroit said “I feel that this will help me as far as being the middle man between the students, SGA, and the President as he goes to those people who he needs to speak to about changing things on campus. I believe that being a part of that will be monumental for me because once I come back as an alumnus I will be able to see those changes that I was a part of.”

After the Inauguration, proud SGA President Justin Shaifer offered words of gratitude and hope.  “I am both honored in enthusiastic to hold this position of service to Hampton University. I can use this position to enhance the quality of student life here on Hampton University’s campus by not only advocating for the student body to administration, but also giving energy to the student body to work toward their own initiatives,” said Shaifer.

“But also placing students in the proper places so that we can ensure the continuity of our Student Government Association once I have graduated and once my successor has graduated as well. I would like for SGA to continue to in the manner that it has been organized for years upon years upon years.”

Shaifer works closely with many SGA members including Hanna Amanuel, a sophomore kinesiology major executive assistant to the SGA President. Amanuel said “I feel like SGA is an organization which not only prepares you for an successful tenure at Hampton but after Hampton and I am more than excited to have this leadership role at Hampton University and work with Justin in his administration.”

Da’Quan Love, former Student Government Association President at Hampton University and current Assistant Director of Young Alumni Affairs, said, “The inaugural address gives the class a chance to see the new SGA President. I have seen Justin Shaifer transform since he worked in my cabinet when I was SGA President. He has worked of the fruit of his labor he reminds me of Dr. Harvey. He utilizes Presidents Harvey Leadership model he upholds the standard of excellence.”

The inauguration reminded older SGA cabinet members about how it felt back when they were inducted.

Alexander Peters a third year five-year MBA program from Schaumburg, Illinois said, “The advice I would give to a freshman is to just get involved there is so much to do on campus that people don’t see and we always need help don’t be afraid to show up in get plugged in. Don’t just use it as a resume builder uses it as something that you would want to continue and see yourself growing in.”

SGA President and the cabinet plan to go above and beyond this school year. With the new inductees being admitted, the Student Government Association will grow to be stronger than ever.  


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