Serena and Drake are just a fling


Kenya Baker | Contributing Writer

When TMZ ran the story of Drake and Serena Williams being an item or when Baller Alert and The Shade Room provided photographic proof, many were confused and disgruntled.

The pairing shouldn’t be a surprise since the two briefly dated in 2011, remember when Drake and Common were beefing? Well Serena supposedly  played a part in that. Now, in 2015, Drake was spotted courtside-cheering Serena on at Wimbledon.

Jezebel writer Clover Hope jokingly wrote about the two of them being caught kissing “Serena probably smiled, the first real smile Drake ‘s received from a woman since his mom’s friend Judy called his beard “very nice” a few months ago.” ”

On the Internet many have claimed that Serena wasn’t Drake’s type or that Serena is on a higher level compared to him.  Let’s not forget the two dated years ago so someone is obviously someone’s type and certainly on someone’s level.  

When Serena lost her match in the U.S. Open, Drake received the blame.

People were tweeting things like “I TOLD YALL DRAKE AINT NO GOOD FOR SERENA, I TOLD YALL” (@brokemcpoverty), “Drake should stay off his girl’s tour” (@robinlundberg), and even CBS Sports tweeted “The Curse of Drake Strikes Again.”

Aside from cheering her on at Wimbledon and the US Open, Drake was also spotted sitting front row at Serena’s fashion show, there’s even a cute video of him hugging her after the show. As for Serena she looks happy in pictures whenever they’re spotted together not that he should be the sole purpose of her happiness.

Before we declare them a power couple or couple goals on Instagram and Twitter keep in mind neither party has confirmed that they are in a relationship with the other person. This could possibly be just a fling, especially knowing Drake’s dating history.

Drake and Serena are bae goals. Both individuals are worth millions, highly respected in their fields, and adorned by the masses. It’s not like he helped her win a match nor did she help him write a song.

Serena probably just wanted someone to share some moments with and Drake was the perfect candidate with his buff physique and charm. Plus after spending much of the summer putting Meek Mill’s career to shame, what else was there for Drake to do besides play cheerleader to one of the best tennis player in the world.

There are few reasons why this pair may not make it through cuffing season. For starters, Serena seems like the type to ignore Drake if he ever becomes a distraction and we all know Drake does not like to be put aside.

Another Instagram model or stripper will catch his eye eventually. “Views from the 6” is supposed to be released before the year is over and that means Drake will be busy  promoting his album leaving very little time to enchant Serena.

Even if this doesn’t work out we have a lot to be thankful for. We can always scroll through twitter to reminisce on all the funny tweets and memes about Drake wearing his sweater like Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air at Wimbledon or him excitedly clapping at the U.S. Open.

Let’s not even think about the songs he could write about Serena, before you know it we all will be searching for tennis references in his songs. So for the last time Serena and Drake are not a power couple just each other’s boo.


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