The Syrian Refugee Crisis


Jordan Bryant | Staff Writer

Over 11 million men, women, and children have been driven out of their homes in Syria. Since 2011, Syria has been involved in a civil war that began after the Arab Spring protests that challenged the authoritarian regime under President Bashar Assad.

The civil war has caused numerous violent Islamic groups to gain power and force over half of the Syrian population to flee their homeland to nearby countries.

Middle Eastern countries such as Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan and some regions of Iraq have been the most generous to the refugees by taking in over 4 million Syrian refugees, even with Iraq having their own citizens relocated internally.

With so many seeking refuge, overflowing and overcrowding has  caused Syrians to look to the west towards Europe.

With thousands of refugees seeking asylum, various European countries have opened their borders to those in need. Countries such as Germany, France, and Britain have taken in over 800,000 people-seeking asylum.

So far, the United States has accepted fewer than 2,000 refugees, but recently the United States has agreed to accept more refugees each year.

There has been urging from citizens all over the world asking their respective governments to open borders to more refugees in this crisis.

Many government  have agreed to  these  requests because this is a worldwide crisis with to the massive coverage causing people to feel for the Syrian people in their time of need.

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