Miss Hampton: Competing for the Crown

Asia Milia Ware | Campus Co-Editor

The time has come for Hampton University to hold its annual Miss Hampton Scholarship Pageant. Nine contestants have been putting in hours of work that will be showcased at the annual event in Robert C. Ogden Hall on Friday, September 25, 2015.

The newly crowned Miss Hampton will represent Hampton University for the 2015-16 school year and keep her legacy at “Our Home by the Sea.” Friday evening a panel of judges will score the nine contestants on a plethora of qualifying criteria.

These categories include: swimsuit, talent, evening gown and a question and answer segment. The nine ladies are ready to grace the stage Friday afternoon in hopes of being crowned Miss Hampton 2015-16.

“I can definitely represent that face of Miss Hampton.” says Alexis Perry, a senior, psychology major from Louisville, Kentucky “It goes beyond a beauty pageant. I want to share my story.”

Perry is passionate that with this title she can make a difference in young girl’s lives. She wants to let girls know that, “it is fine to face struggles, but it is also fine to face your demons.”

The Q.U.E.E.N co-founder claims that whether she wins or loses she is going to come out on top. With her platform, ‘Embracing YOUR Crown’, Perry is confident that she will use her purpose to change someone’s life.

For the second year in a row, there is a junior that is running for the title of the crown, Brittney Middleton. Last year, Joye Parker was the only junior that participated in the pageant, and she took home the crown.

Middleton, a biology major from Atlanta, Georgia says she has always wanted to run since pre-college and she wants to show the campus who she really is. Although she does not feel any pressure running as a junior, she feels like no one is rooting for her. “I have support, but not as much as the rest of the girls running.”

Brittney plans to be very interactive with women on campus is crowned, especially freshman. “I want freshmen to know it is okay to be yourself, a lot of them come here and tend to be someone they’re not.” Brittney’s has a past struggle of self-confidence and she plans to change that in women on and off campus.

Brittany Harper, a senior, history major from Memphis, Tennessee has dreamed of being in this pageant since she entered Hampton University her freshman year. “I couldn’t leave Hampton without at least getting the experience and running.”

Harper was inspired by her life experiences to create her platform, “The Superwoman Project.” Through this project, Brittany plans to enhance self-esteem and confidence. “My gift is speaking and mentoring young women. I knew that’s what I wanted to do.”

Alexyss Scott, a senior, business management major from New Jersey is finally doing something she has always dreamed of by participating in this pageant. “Coming in freshman year I didn’t have the confidence.

After my matriculation and growing as a student throughout the years and growing confidence, I feel like I have the potential to impact myself and others.” Scott is passionate about her platform, “The Miss Hampton Initiative”: Encouraging Minds. She plans to recognize everyone who is overlooked from custodians to Chic-Fil-A workers.

“Recognizing that we are all Hampton, we are all important in making Hampton what it is.” Alexyss is ready to be the representation of Hampton that she believes it needs.

Clarke LeGrand, a fourth year, five year MBA major from Upper Marlboro Maryland plans on taking Miss Hampton further than it has been in the past by having both the campus and the Hampton Roads area involved in her movement.

Inspired by her older brother being diagnosed with leukemia, LeGrand formed her platform, Chad’s Dream. She plans to promote awareness for this cancer and provide patience support.

Clarke says, “I want to implement my platform to bring a positive change on campus and in the community.”

Jerlesia Henderson, a senior, mathematics major from Norfolk, Virginia says running for Miss Hampton is something she has always wanted to do. “I enjoy community service and I enjoy leadership roles. I feel like I can take this campus to another level.”

Since Henderson is from the ‘757’ area, she plans to expand not only in Hampton, but also throughout the seven cities. Jerlesia feels that this is her year of elevation and she is ready to showcase that through her platform, “Still I Rise.”

Gizelle Harris, a senior, music education major from Wyndell, North Carolina is running to show the girls that she has been mentoring and herself that you can do whatever you put your mind to.

“I work with kids in music and seeing how they view themselves and remembering how I was inspired my platform.” Harris plans to promote happy and healthy self-confidence on our campus and in our community.

Kayla Brown, a senior, biology major from St. Louis, Missouri said, “I wanted to run for Miss Hampton to break out of my shy shell and embrace my beauty.”

Brown is passionate about African-American girls who want to pursue a science degree in college. If crowned as the next Miss Hampton, Kayla will make sure that African-American’s being unrepresented in the sciences changes.

Ivana Thomas, a senior, psychology major from Durham, North Carolina wants to expand the definition of the Hampton Woman. “I want to promote embracing differences on campus and show that you don’t have to fit a mode to be Miss Hampton.”

With her platform, “The Global Mind Shift,” she plans to promote going abroad and global issues. “When we come to Hampton they teach us how to be Hamptonized, tradition is great, however we can be Hamptonized I your unique way.” Thomas is extremely enthusiastic about embracing differences and plans to exhibit that if crowned the next Miss Hampton.

These nine ladies will be taking the stage on Friday, September 25, 2015 and at the end of the evening one of them will be crowned Miss Hampton University 2015-16. From health and wellness, to confidence in young women, these contestants have formulated platforms that have the ability to impact Hampton in many ways.

Be sure to come out and support to see which one of these ladies will be crowned.

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