Former International Office Director Ebony Majeed leaves HU students with words of encouragement

(Ebony Majeed)
(Ebony Majeed)

Averi Collins | Features Editor

International Office director Ebony Majeed has decided that it is time to leave her “Home by the Sea” to pursue another opportunity. As a graduate of Hampton University, Ms. Majeed was delighted to give back to her alma mater in the international office. “As a part of Quintessence 6, it was nice to come back and serve the institution that crafted who I am today and serve the students.”

As a Spanish major she traveled to Spain her senior year  and fell in love with traveling . There was no one to help her study abroad so she decided  to give back so that others could have the same experience she did, but  with less stress.

When asked how long she has been working in the office she stated, “I started in the international as the secretary in February of 2011 and after of a few transitions I became the director of the international office in October 1, 2013.”

“So roughly four and a half years and the office is only six years old.”

Since then she has enjoyed seeing how the office and the university have grown, as well as the interaction and engagement between American and International students.

“I enjoy seeing that so many international students want to attend Hampton University, lets me know that there are added values Hampton has and  I am pleased to see that Hampton has become more global,” Ms. Majeed said.

It has become more global not only because there are more students coming here, but also because more American students are traveling abroad.  

While Ms. Majeed was in the international office the number of students traveling abroad has almost tripled, however, she states that “I am not the international office, it took everyone on the campus and partnerships with the different departments to help with students going abroad.”

She speaks about knowing your influence and it is her goal to influence others, with the love and appreciation from students and parents,she was able to get fulfillment and is satisfied  that she is doing something to help others.

As the director of the International Office at Hampton University, Ebony Majeed has a lot to oversee, from getting international students settled in America, to helping excited college students study overseas.

 Majeed also serves as the immigration office for the university. It is her job to keep the university up to standards with the government so that neither the university nor the international students get in any trouble.

Another job requirement for Ms. Majeed is to travel abroad seeking out funding opportunities to study abroad as well as partnering with other schools abroad that students can attend. With traveling visiting other schools, she has to be able to suggest and mention how good certain programs are for certain countries.

Having many international students means that Hampton University students are getting a more multicultural experience. “It benefits Hampton to hold on to its tradition and influential history, but at the same time have a wider view and understanding that the world is multicultural.”

Miss Majeed has a left a mark on the students and faculty at the university. The university wishes her the best in her future endeavors. Although Ms. Majeed did not state where she is now, she would like to leave this with the students, “It is so important that we understand, life is not a game, you get one chance, one try, no do overs.  Have fun, responsibly, but take your education and life seriously.”

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