A “Special Affair” : A night with The Internet (Concert Review)

The Internet (Malik Jones)
The Internet (Malik Jones)

Malik Jones | Associate Editor

The hall is buzzing with the excited chatter of students reciting lyrics, the soft giggles of couples pressed together, the flashing lights of a hundred selfies, and the bass booming as we wait for Syd tha Kyd and her band to take the stage.  

R&B/Soul group, The Internet, kicked off their 2015 US/Canada tour at The NorVa Theatre in Norfolk this week. The group promoted their newest release, Ego Death, with some stand out tracks from the album including  “Under Control”, “Go With It”, “Girl”, “Special Affair”, and their ode to the Black Lives Matter struggle, “Penthouse Cloud”.

The group also performed some previous hits from their 2013 studio release, Feel Good, along with some of their personal favorites including Usher’s “U Don’t Have to Call” and “Gone” by Snakehips.

The energy in the room was electrifying as Syd’s soft, yet sultry vocals penetrated through the crowd, accompanied by the beautiful jazzy, synth-riffs of the keyboard, the smooth bass guitar, and the piercing drumbeats.

Producer Matthew Martin, a.k.a. Matt Martians, bassist Patrick Paige II, guitarist Steve Lacy, drummer Christopher Allan Smith, and keyboardist Jameel Bruner round out the group ensemble.

Prior to The Internet’s arrival, the audience was treated to some interesting opening performances. First was St. Beauty, a newly signed band from Janelle Monae’s Wondaland Records who are featured on the label’s collaborative debut album, Wondaland Presents: The Eephus.

After performing only three relatively short songs, the raw talent of these women was still highly evident, from their inventive rhythmic style, to the pulse of the beat syncing harmoniously with the ambient vocals and electric guitar riffs.

Within a short time, St. Beauty has definitely solidified their place as artists to watch.

Following St. Beauty was local rap collective, RBLE. Representing the Hampton Roads, greater Virginia area, these rappers helped get the crowd turnt before the main event.

Moonchild, a local alternative/soul group that is building their own blend of dreamy vocals and deep bass beats, later joined them on stage.

The Internet and their friends managed to bring together a unique group of artists to appeal to their entire audience and the varying tastes of the crowd, much like their own music.

From a mellow ballad, to a funky synth-driven dance tune, or even a sexy, bass booming slow jam, The Internet has something for everyone at anytime. But if anyone is still on the fence, as Syd would say, just go with it.




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