Rising West Coast Rapper MoThoro Debuts his first solo album “ThoroLyfe: Transition”


Phillip Jackson | Web Editor

Up and coming Los Angeles Rapper Morris “MoThoro” Taylor gains ground releasing his first individual project “ThoroLyfe: Transition” earlier this week. The project, what Taylor described as the “installment,” is the beginning of the #ThoroLyfe project series.

Although this is Taylor’s first solo effort, he has built credibility in the west coast with his two-man rap tandem “MnR” with Rasul Shabazz, who both worked together releasing collaboration projects: Genesis, Higher Thought, All in Progression, and Sabbatical EP over the past years.

“The focus is really on building our individual brands until we link up for another joint project,” Taylor said. “Since we’re on opposite coasts, another focus is dropping singles until the buzz is big enough before we drop again.”

As Taylor enters his sophomore year at Hampton University, this freshman individual LP builds momentum as he continues to brand himself as an artist. One of the anchoring themes in the album, which is introduced in the third track, “Another Day At HU Interlude” is Taylor’s experience in College.

A detailed scene showing a casual exchange between Taylor and a girl he meets while walking on campus shows his charismatic, relaxed and confident approach, which is one of the vibes that is caught from this album.

Taylor says he and his friends are throwing a “house party in the harbors,” and she replies, “I’ll probably come with my two friends that stay in White.” This interlude transitions into the single “Tryna Get Active,” produced by Taylor. The video was released just a week before Taylor dropped the album.

Other songs: “Bout it,” “Starstruck,” “So Long” and “4 The Love of Money” add an airy feeling opposed to other songs such as “Been a Minute,” which gives a more raw, gritty emotion.

Taylor, who is still in works of releasing a video for the song “Unrest” which he says, “talks about my frustration being a black man in this country enduring racial injustice,” is making plans to help the album gain more buzz.

He described that he, along with Rasul Shabazz, both plan to “consistently feed people time and time again periodically, instead of dropping everything at one time.”

“ThoroLyfe: Transition” can be purchased on iTunes here. Stream the album below.

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