Big Sean Recreates 90’s Sitcom In ‘Play No Games’ Music Video


Kelsey Marrow | Contributing Writer

Detroit native, Sean Don, is definitely putting in work by dropping impressive hit songs and music videos and bringing back the creativity that hip hop has been missing.

Inspiring rappers, artist, and producers are paving the way for anew generation. There are many talented artists that have made an influence, but the well known, 27 year-old artist/rapper Big Sean has made a significant impact on hip-hop culture. Every music video and hit single released by Big Sean and his record label G.O.OD Music has been spectacular to date. This new project might be his best one yet.

Prior to the release of his new video for “Play No Games”, the song was known among his die-hard fans but to everyone else it wasn’t popular. After the album was released in February, the single didn’t receive many positive reviews. Following the release of the video however, the song gained momentum, receiving over 2 million views on Youtube being  rated a 4.9 out of 5.

June 28 at the BET Awards, Big Sean performed a medley of smash songs from his latest album “Dark Sky Paradise.” This led up to the premiere of his new music video “Play No Games”, featuring Chris Brown and Ty Dolla $ign.

Directed by the talented Mick Carson, the video pays homage to the popular 90’s sitcom Martin. The video highlights the most beloved episodes and scenes of the TV series, and features cameos from Martin Lawrence, French Montana, and Bruhman. All of the important Martin characters are there as well: Gina, Tommy, and Cole, which will definitely take you back memory lane.

The end of the video was the cherry on top, Martin Lawrence, the originator and star of TV series shared a few of his classic words. “Sean, Chris. Party’s over baby; now get to steppin’. Bounce!” Martin was well-known known for kicking people out and giving  fans a good laugh.

According to MTV, fans are calling Big Sean’s “Play No Games” video of the year. Fans of Martin will enjoy the creative and funny recreation of the classic TV-series. This year will be Sean’s for the taking with the amount of success he’s receiving. To watch the full video, go to Big Sean’s “Dark Sky Paradise” tour in America will begin July 12 and will be featuring J.Cole. Tickets are available at

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