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Meek Mill finally responds to Drake with “Wanna Know”



Kayla Boone | Arts & Entertainment Editor

It’s about time!

Rapper Meek Mill released his response to Drake’s “Charged up” and “Back to Back” with the track, “Wanna Know.”

The beef was brought to the public eye on July 21st, when Meek tweeted “Stop comparing drake to me too…. He don’t write his own raps! That’s why he ain’t tweet my album because we found out!”

He continued tweeting about other rappers and their skills. He closed by directing one last comment to Drake saying “He ain’t even write that verse on my album and if I woulda knew I woulda took it off my album….. I don’t trick my fans! Lol” (in reference to the track Drake was featured on titled R.I.C.O)

Drake did not respond to any of Meek’s tweets via twitter but began to respond on his first diss track “Charged Up”. Drake stated “ No woman ever had me star struck or was able to tell me to get my bars up.” Drake was referring to Meek’s relationship with rapper Nicki Minaj, where Meek is said to be the less popular and lyrical of the two.

Critics and fans of Drake stated that this song wasn’t a real diss record. Rapper Meek Mill responded on twitter saying “baby lotion soft” referring to the track. A few days later Drake dropped “Back to Back,” the second diss track directed at Meek. Drake rapped, “ Is that a world tour or your girls tour?”

Referring to the Nicki Minaj’s Pink Print tour that Meek is currently accompanying her on. Fans went crazy over this track saying the first track “Charged Up” was just the warm up.

Days passed and songs were released but there was still no track from Meek until last night when he FINALLY premiered his track “Wanna Know” on Funk Flex’s show on Hot 97. Drake posted a picture of himself laughing on Instagram, a few minutes after Meek’s release.

That post showed fans exactly how Drake feels about the song. You can check Meek’s song “Wanna Know” out yourself @funkflex on To listen to Drake’s songs search @octobersveryown on


Hip-hop Legend Ghostface Killah tells Action Bronson: “I gave you a grace period”



Desmond Smalley | Contributing Writer

Underground rapper Action Bronson dissed rap legend Ghostface Killah on his relevance to the industry. Action Bronson, a native of Queens, New York is considered one of the most popular underground rappers. He is known for his hilarious, and impulsive wordplay. While his lyrical technique is creative, his flow is flawed.

Almost everyone who hears him immediately prompts listeners of the sound of Ghostface Killah, the mid 40’s Wu-tang assassin who is one of the most acclaimed rappers in the genre’s history.

Since Bronson’s scaling at the beginning of the decade, the two have managed to coincide peacefully. When asked about the apparent similarities, Bronson tends to dismiss the comparisons but paid homage, making Ghostface more prone to feel flattered than disrespected. However, this week the pairs’ relationship went to dumps, following Bronson’s appearance on the ESPN show SportsNation.

When asked about Ghostface, Bronson went off script: “He’s not rapping like this no more,” he said, adding that Ghostface “needs something” – seeming to imply that he is no longer relevant. This was unquestionably bad form. Lyrically motivated New York MCs are, even more than other rappers, expected to maintain respect for those who came before them. Especially true if you’re white (Eminem for example, consistently shouted out those who inspired him).

Sure, Bronson has been more of a critic’s darling than Ghost in recent years. But his collection can’t compare with his Wu-Tang predecessor’s, and even today Ghostface has by no means fallen off.

Bronson’s insults inspired an epic, six-minute rebuttal from Ghostface , in which he told his side of the story, alongside threatening Bronson’s life in a number of ways. “Don’t let me hang you from a rope and gut you like a pig,” he said at one point, also threatening to set Bronson’s beard on fire.

Although Ghostface didn’t break into rhyme, it was a glorious hip-hop performance nonetheless. Discoursing over the Teddy Pendergrass’ song “Be For Real”, he at times paused to let the chorus sink in, making the case that Bronson was a “fraud,” and which the gray sweat pants he wore, held up, near his crotch, with his left hand, escalated the tension.

Following Ghostface menacing video, he called Bronson, asserting to make things right. Bronson took it back to Twitter, praising Ghostface as an “idol,” whose tweets were shortly deleted after. This inspired Ghost’s public wrath, with him ensuring that he maintains contacts in all 50 states “that’ll do disappearing acts on mother f***rs for nothing.” Bronson quickly put up a sequence of apologetic tweets, stating: “ When your wrong ur wrong and I was wrong. I apologized for the comments. I’ll always be a stand up human. Much love.” His feed since then has shown the desire to put the incident behind him.

It is certainly never positive when real-life violence is present. But in this case it seems likely that Ghost was only sending a message. No one faults Ghostface for clapping back as he did, in fact, doing it the most classic Wu-Tang style imaginable. For the sake of hip-hop, one hopes that Action Bronson and Ghostface will follow course and settle this beef as it should be – through the lyrics.

Layoffs at Newport News Shipyard Causing problems for workers



Maya Boddie | Local & World Editor

According to, the Newport News Shipbuilding has told employees that it will likely lay off more than 1,500 employees beginning this fall. Layoffs will affect both hourly and salary employees, as 500 workers are expected to lose jobs this year, and the other 1,000 will follow in 2016.

Newport News Shipbuilding President Matt Mulherin says the layoffs are the result of a decrease in the shipyard’s workload over the next two years, but mostly due to the shipyard finishing work on three aircraft carriers over the next 18 months. USS Gerald R. Ford is expected it be delivered to the Navy in 2016, the USS Abraham Lincoln is expected to be complete, and the shipyard is also completing work on the inactivation of USS Enterprise.

The shipyard’s parent company, the Newport News yard employs more than 23,000 people — which means this wave of layoffs will cut the overall workforce by about 6.5 percent, according to the website for Huntington Ingalls Industries.

Fortunately, those who are laid off will get a 60-day notice and the shipyard will assist them in finding new employment.

Shipyard worker Dezmond Kee said he’s trying not to let the possibility of getting laid off affect his performance. “Anything is possible, but like I said, I try not to concern myself too much with it because I don’t want it to affect the work I do day in and day out,” Kee said.

In the meantime, nearby Norfolk Naval Shipyard announced in December it would begin hiring about 1,500 civilian workers to handle an increased workload.

Newport News Shipbuilding is the only shipyard to design, build and refuel U.S. Navy aircraft carriers, and one of two shipyards that service Navy submarines.

Lebron James is taking his talents to Hollywood



Brianna Jackson & Jelani Scott

Renowned NBA star, Lebron James and his company, Springhill Entertainment are taking the athletes talents to Burbank. James and his company, which he and his manager and friend Maverick Carter co-founded in 2013, are forming a production partnership with Time Warner Inc.’s Warner Bros Entertainment.

This partnership pairs the world’s No.1 basketball star with the largest television and movie studio, which is based in Burbank, Calif. The agreement will span movies, television, and other digital content. In addition, this agreement will provide James a home to build his entertainment aspirations and award him with global reach and brand expansion.

Warner Bros. Chief Executive Kevin Tsujihara recently spoke on the LeBron deal and assured the public that “this is not a vanity deal.” Tsujihara also stated that “Warner Bros. always needs to be thinking about bringing fresh perspectives and diverse voices into the company” and it is clear that every party should benefit from their combined unique visions.

This alliance between the two super organizations will also see co-production and co-ownership on every collaboration, as well as Warner Bros. likely holding the copyright of any SpringHill content made as part of the agreement while SpringHill will share in the profits. This, however, is speculation at the moment and has yet to be confirmed by either side.

“To be able to partner with Warner Bros. will allow me to do some things I’ve always dreamed of,” said James, who has admitted in the past that he’s a longtime movie buff that used to fantasize about being Batman.

SpringHill already produces a variety of television shows, such as Bleacher Report’s “Uninterrupted”, a online web series that showcases various athletes’ lives (including James) off the court; and had been shopping around for a studio partnership for several months. The company also includes the comedy series “Survivor’s Remorse” that airs on the premium cable channel Starz and the DisneyXD show, “Becoming,” on its roster and is in the process of creating a game show that will air on NBC.

The deal comes fresh off the heels of James co-starring in the popular romantic comedy, “Trainwreck” starring comedienne Amy Schumer and SNL alum Bill Hader. The Judd Apatow (“Knocked Up”, “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”) film was released on July 17th. Initial projections had the film opening to around $20 million but, through its opening weekend, it ended up grossing over $30 million from 3,158 theaters, exceeding expectations.

James’ well-received performance, along with the Warner Bros. deal, has increased speculation that the four-time MVP could move from Cleveland to Tune Land and star in a sequel to the Warner Bros. cult-classic Space Jam, released in 1996 with legend Michael Jordan at the forefront. Warner Bros. has declined to comment on the rumors but, with their recent filing to renew the “Space Jam” trademark in June and the flick’s 20-year anniversary soon approaching, this rumor won’t go away anytime soon.

Fans young and old will have to wait for the final word on this potential endeavor but, for now, they can all “witness” King James continue to leave a lasting legacy and become the most marketable name possibly of all-time, which would be a huge accomplishment for the 30-year old who’s really “just a kid from Akron”.

Louisiana Theater Shooting Leaves 3 dead, Including Gunman



Maya Boddie | Local & World Editor

Two people were killed and nine wounded in a Lafayette, Louisiana movie theater on Thursday night. After the shooting, the gunman (identified as 59-year-old John Russell Houser from Phenix, Alabama) turned the gun on himself.

Houser seemed to be sitting alone in Grand Theatre 16 during a screening of the romantic comedy Trainwreck when he fired a semi-automatic handgun. Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft said, “He bought a ticket and went into the theater, and sometime during the movie he started shooting.” Mayci Breaux, 21, died at the scene, and Jillian Johnson, 33, died later at a nearby hospital.

“He was a guy that was a drifter … that just happened to be in this theater and took two beautiful lives,” Col. Michael Edmonson of the Louisiana State Police said of Houser. “Don’t lose sight of the fact that these 2 individuals had a vision, had a name, had a future. It wasn’t to die as they did horribly in this theater here,” Edmonson continued, according to CNN.

According to Craft, after the first few gunshots, two officers already on the property rushed into the theater. When more police arrived to the scene, “the suspect was found deceased from a self-inflicted gunshot wound,” Craft determined at a Friday morning press conference.

Providing more details, Craft says it was clear that Houser intended to escape after the shooting, but when he saw police outside; he went back into the theater and killed himself.

During an early morning search Friday, police discovered that Houser was staying at a local Motel 6, where he kept several disguises including wigs and glasses. He also apparently had a switched license tag. Still, a reason for this evil act has not yet been determined.

Ironically, Monday, July 20, 2015 was the third anniversary of the devastating shooting in a Colorado movie theater where James Holmes killed 12 people. This similar Louisiana shooting has occurred as jurors contemplate the ultimate consequence for Holmes.

“The United States of America is the one advanced nation on Earth in which we do not have sufficient common-sense, gun-safety laws,” the president said. “Even in the face of repeated mass killings.”

Social media flooded with “thoughts and prayers” from local citizens, the Lafayette Parish Sheriff Office, Governor Bobby Jindal and even  comedian Amy Schumer, who wrote and starred in Trainwreck.

According to, people commented on both Jindal and Schumers tweets arguing that prayers are not enough
demanding stricter gun laws; which led to debates about gun rights.

Mourners showered the Grand Theater Facebook page with support, while others criticized the theaters “gun free zone” policy, claiming if people had been allowed to have guns, the shooting could have been prevented.

Greece Economy Still Suffering from Debt Crisis

SYNTAGMA SQUARE, ATHENS, ATTICA, GREECE - 2015/02/16: captionA large Greek flag flies outside the Greek Parliament. Greeks protested a second day in a row in support of the government and against austerity policies imposed by the EU. The turnout on the day of the crucial Eurogroup meeting was considerately lower than i the previous protests. (Photo by Michael Debets/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

(Photo by Michael Debets/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Jordan Bryant | Staff Writer

The country that carries an ancient and colorful history known to many, has been hit by an escalating debt crisis.  For the past five years, Greece has endured a hard hitting recession with a total debt of 323 Billion Euros. Greece has faced negotiations and bailouts to securely handle the situation within these past few weeks. The European Union has agreed to release eighty-six Billion Euros over the next three years.

This will be the third bailout given to Greece by the European Union. To accept this bailout, the Greek government is required to not spend too much money, which has led to cuts on spending and higher taxes. This has led to protests by Greek citizens who are against the government’s plan. The world now watches closely to see if Greece will pay 1.6 billion Euros, which was due Tuesday July 21.

It’s easy to see that times have been rough for the Greek citizens. After five years of a recession, the country struggles to keep their spirits up as ATMs and banks are closing and limiting the amount of money given to citizens. Many are becoming stressed by the large cap that has been placed, which has made accessing funds difficult.

Hospitals and officials have noticed a rise in depression and suicide among the population. Researchers are studying to further understand the reason for these rising numbers. “Everyone is hopeless in Greece,” says Bettina Davou, Chief Researcher of the study. Some were hit harder than others, particularly those who lost their jobs. For many of these people, they have no hope in their government to get them out of this recession.

Many Americans, especially college students, can sympathize with these issues. Many students in public and private universities are struggling to pay for schools that the total cost after four years is over $100,000. Students face choices such as taking out loans that may be a hinderance for a majority of their adult lives or joining the military to help thwart costs. Some students often think that college isn’t worth it and drop-out because of costs, leaving them stranded in a college-educated nation.

Money runs the world. Many countries rely on natural resources such as gas, oils and minerals for finances, but some have to specifically rely on the tourism industry. For a relatively large country such as Greece, relying on profits from tourism can only go but so far. Hopefully, before things get worse, Greece’s government can figure out a way to ensure growth for the country in the future.

Hampton University School of Liberal Arts Receives $517,000 Grant from Mellon Foundation



Marquise Brown | Staff Writer

Hampton VA- Hampton University is seeking to  expand their educational programs. The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has given a $517,000 grant to the Hampton University School of Liberal Arts in order to support the creation of a center for Teaching and Learning in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences.

The mission of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation is to “strengthen, promote and,where necessary, defend the contributions of the humanities and the arts to human flourishing and to the well- being of diverse and democratic societies.”

A news release from Hampton says “The center will be home to projects that are designed to increase student success through exposure to and engagement with the humanities,arts, and social sciences.”

“I think that this grant is fantastic and much needed,” said Peter Savedge, a junior history major from Surry County, VA,. “Often times students who aren’t necessarily majoring in one of these academic areas (arts, social sciences, the humanities ) do enough to get through them at the prerequisite level and don’t fully appreciate the impact they have.”

“Hopefully, this grant will help foster a greater interest in the humanities, generate more participation in cultural events beyond it being a class requirement, and promote a cooperation amongst all academic areas.”

The Dean of Liberal Arts, Dr. Linda Malone- Colon said, “We look forward to implementing the various programs which are designed to maximize student learning outcomes and develop students who are knowledge producers, innovators and creators of solutions to some of the most pressing societal and global issues.”

According to the university’s website , the center projects will include the following : Writing across the curriculum program; Academic Enrichment events series; the University 101 program; and a faculty development program. These projects will enhance the humanities, arts and social science experiences of Hampton University  undergraduate students.

This will be reflected in greater self- confidence, independence, improved academic performance, and ultimately, student success. The hope is that the long- term impact of the grant will be tremendous in adding to the “Home-by-the-Sea” experience.

Becky Hammon’s Coaching leads the Spurs to a Summer League Championship



Wesley Eggleston | Staff Writer

Former WNBA superstar Becky Hammon became the first female head coach to win the Vegas Summer League Championship Monday night, defeating the Phoenix Suns 93-90.  Hammon went 6-1 on her way to the title, building on the winning culture that comes with being a part of the Spurs organization.  She began coaching last season when Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich made history by hiring Hammon to be an assistant on his staff following her retirement in 2014.

Hammon was a point guard for the New York Liberty and San Antonio Stars when she played so it comes as no surprise she has a knack for seeing the floor well, even from a coach’s perspective, and a high basketball IQ.  Coach Pop granted Hammon the opportunity to coach the Vegas Summer League team, and low and behold, it paid off.

“It’s just a great learning process for me, and the guys had to take some of my mistakes…. And I made plenty, but we just kept hanging together as a group,” Hammon told reporters following the championship game.  This was a good stepping-stone for Hammon as she continues to make the transition from player to coach.

Before you sleep on the possibility and dismiss the idea,  just look around the NBA: Coach Pop has disciples all around the league as head coaches, assistants, and front office associates.

Hammon also had the pleasure of coaching the Summer League MVP Kyle Anderson and championship game MVP Jonathan Simmons. Simmons recently signed a two-year deal with the 2014 NBA Champions.

“It’s a humbling experience for all of us,” Simmons said after the game to NBA TV.  “She did a great job with us.  She was solid the whole way.  It’s good to be a part of history.  This day will go down in the history books for years to come.  I barely know her and I love her already.”

Simmons will have even more opportunity to get to know Hammon this upcoming season because the NBA rookie will likely be a bottom end of the bench type of player and that usually means getting advice from the assistants more often than not.

Anderson finished with 15 points and seven rebounds, and Simmons finished with 23 points in the title game.   We live in a society now where the “un-norm” is becoming the norm and Hammon just proved, even on a smaller stage, that women with the right intellect and passion can do what is considered a “man’s job” of coaching NBA players.

As she continues to groom under Popovich, she will only get better, and regardless of whether she becomes the first woman to coach in the NBA, takes her talents to coach in the WNBA or even on the college level, she will certainly be ready for the task.

For Hammon, this day should soon be around the corner but first she must celebrate like a champ in true Coach Pop fashion. “Pop will tell me to [enjoy] a big glass of wine,” she told reporters.  Now it would be irresponsible and a “prisoner of the moment” type of response to say that Hammon is prepared to be a full-time head coach right now, but having patience and tutelage under Coach Popovich, it will be sooner rather than later we should see it occur.

Let us all not treat her differently because she is a woman in the NBA and show her respect like her players were able to do and just call her “Coach Hammon”. Basketball is a language we can all speak; it doesn’t stereotype.

Being with the Spurs has put Hammon in the right organization to make that history-making dream a reality and the wheels may have already started turning,  as Skip Bayless suggested Tuesday morning on ESPN First Take, “If in fact Coach Pop, as he says, is going to coach on through LaMarcus Aldridge’s contract, four more years.  As a Spurs fan, it would not bother me if Becky could wait it out for those four years, continue to learn, and take over, “Bayless shared. “ Wouldn’t bother me a bit.”

A Letter to Incoming STEM Majors: How to Remain Confident About Your Major



Tia Westmoreland | Contributing Writer

To incoming STEM majors— it is normal to come to college with worries, questions and anxiety about what exactly your studies will have in store for you, and if you can handle the workload. In fact, these are concerns that every freshman will experience during their first year in college.

While this is a general concern amongst all freshmen, more STEM majors have fallen prey to the impostor syndrome: an invasive feeling of self-doubt and insecurity about one’s major. Such impulsive feelings that go unaddressed can cause freshmen to switch their majors by the end of the school year. If you find yourself questioning your abilities to juggle your studies and extracurricular activities when it comes to your major— even though you might feel isolated— you are certainly not alone, and you too can persevere.

Justin Shaifer, a graduating marine and environmental science major and newly elected Student Government Association President reflects on his STEM experience as one of great adversity. He too experienced a high-level of uncertainty when deciding on whether to keep or change his major his freshman year. He feared he would not be able to juggle his demanding major and his extra-curricular activities. However, he faithfully believes these fears subsided once he realized that being a STEM major was more of a mental game than anything else.

“Once I had it in my mind that I wanted to make certain grades in all of my classes and be a part of organizations on campus, I was more than willing to make the sacrifices to do both of these things simultaneously. Upon doing that, I started to see positive results and got rid of any negativity around me. In doing all of this, I made comfort out of my discomfort.”

As a STEM major, it is important to remain organized with the workload from your classes and extracurricular activities. It is not rare to see STEM majors who are heavily involved in school organizations, for many students have done it. Justin Shaifer also said, “It is important never to sell yourself short, you can shoot for the stars no matter how difficult your major may be, just always keep positive people around you and the lines of communication open.”

Lines of communication within the STEM program are essential to survival: never be afraid to ask for help or support. Some incoming STEM students might believe that they have to come to college knowing all of the answers, which is incorrect. Never feel like you have to struggle through your classes alone because your peers or professors feel as if “you should already know the answer.”

Kyle Burney, a sophomore physics major and a member of The Society of Physics Students can definitely relate to this feeling.

“Sometimes I would find myself getting stuck on problems in certain classes and I would ask for guidance. At times my professors were not receptive to my questions because I was a physics major, meaning I should have already known the answer. Even though this was frustrating, I continued to ask questions because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to fully understand the material.”

A part of being able to juggle your workload is realizing when you need help and seeking it! Tutoring is always available on campus whenever you need it. Once you get the help you need in your difficult classes, you will find that managing your workload alongside with extracurricular activities will be much easier.

Overall, it is easy to become a STEM major but staying one is a different story. You must be a determined and focused student who will never steer away from why you chose your specific major in the first place. Jalan Richardson, a graduating chemistry major and a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated knows it is not always easing having a science major.

“Any STEM field is challenging, time consuming and just requires a lot. So, when you see your friends with ‘easier’ majors, it is like ‘dang I want to be like them,’ but you have to come to the realization that you chose your specific area of study for a reason. Whether that reason is to find a cure for cancer, construct better machinery, or find a way to make something with chemical alternatives, you have to decide what’s best for you.”

Even though it might be tempting to abandon your major when the nights get longer and the classes get harder, never lose sight of your original vision. Ashleigh Rawls, a sophomore double majoring in biology and Biochemistry, and a member of Freddy T. Davy Honors College has remained optimistic about her choice of study. Despite her demanding schedule and her heavy involvement in student activities, she has not run away from her two very complex majors. “I am STEM. STEM is me. I refuse to see myself any other way,” she said.

In the end, the amount of success one has pertaining to their academic career in the STEM program depends on how confident they are as a student. If you believe in yourself and your abilities to persevere through your courses while managing your extracurricular activities, you will make the proper sacrifices and adjustments.

The key to success is coming to college with an open mind free of fear and insecurity about your major. Make sure you are entering your working environment with a positive outlook. With the right foundation and proper amount of confidence, you will be able to succeed in any major while simultaneously enjoying the college experience.

Genzebe Dibaba sets new women’s world 1500 meter record in Monaco



Jaelyn Allen | Staff Writer

Monaco–Genzebe Dibaba an Ethiopian woman, broke a 22-year-old world record in the women’s 1500m at a Diamond League meet in Monaco on Friday night. The record is  one of the most controversial records held in recent times. Dibaba clocked 3:50.07 in the 1500m to break the 3:50.46 world record set by Qu Yunxia of China in 1993, which, until this year had been considered impossible.

Qu Yunxia was one of the dominant “army” of Chinese female athletes in the 1990s under the guidance of controversial coach Ma Junren. Officials suspected that he was giving them performance-enhancing drugs despite his denial, claiming that he fed his athletes turtle blood and a special fungus. Chinese authorities kicked him off the country’s Olympic team in 2000 after six of his athletes failed drug tests but, despite all of this controversy, Qu’s mark still stood.

Dibaba finished ahead of the Netherland’s Sifan Hassan, who posted a national record 3:56.05 and the United States’ Shannon Rowbury, who was in third at 3:56.29, breaking Mary Slaney’s 32-year-old American record of 3:57.12. Jenny Simpson, the 2015 U.S. champion and two-time World Championships medalist, came in fourth at 3:57.30.

In July, Dibaba broke the African record in the 1500m with a time of 3:54.11 in Barcelona, the fastest women’s 1500 in 18 years. This raised expectations for Monaco, which she exceeded. Her performance in Monaco has raised even more expectations that she might double in the 1500 and 5000 at next month’s World Championships.

Dibaba’s 800-meter split was 2:04, which seemed slower than the pace required to break Yunxia’s record; however, she breezed through the rest of the race, showing no signs of fatigue or loss of form. Her 1500m time is equivalent to a 4:08.41 mile and the women’s world record for the mile is 4:12.56. Her world record is the first in an Olympic track event since Russian Gulnara Samitova-Galkina in the 3000m steeplechase on August 17, 2008.

Dibaba was already very confident that she could break the record. “I knew from the beginning that I could break the record and am still able to improve, maybe under 3:50,” she told the Diamond League. “But one thing is clear: I will double at World Championships [1500m and 5000m]. And let’s try for 5000m world record after Beijing.”

The 24-year-old is the sister of three-time Olympic champion Tirunesh Dibaba and Olympic silver medalist Ejegayehu Dibaba. Dibaba’s older sister, Tirunesh, holds the 5000m world record set June 6, 2008. Genzebe spent the early part of the outdoor season trying to break her sister’s 5000 record of 14:11.15 and just barely failed. She smashed her lifetime best over 5000m in 14:15.41 when winning at the IAAF Diamond League meet in Paris on Saturday.

She produced the fastest time over the distance since 1997, moving up to ninth on the world all-time list. “I think Tirunesh will be happy, all Ethiopia will be happy,” she said.