Five Tips to Get Single For Summertime


Kristyn Beecher | Contributing Writer

Rising temperatures, pool parties, and summer vacations signify one thing: the end of winter relationships. You no longer need someone to keep you warm, and that means that cuffing season is over. Summer brings on a lot of temptation, and if your significant other doesn’t live near you the long distance over summer break can put a strain on your relationship.

Vaughn Dowdley, a sophomore biology major from Atlanta, Georgia thinks that maybe going into the summer as a single person is a good idea. He says, “During the summer people have more free time, and that sometimes means trouble. Some people don’t trust themselves enough to not hurt whoever they are with.”

Honestly, if you haven’t ditched your winter love by now, you’re pretty late. Sundresses are already out, and the beaches are filling up. If you feel that it’s best that you go into this season alone it is now time to say goodbye. Breaking up is hard to do. That is more than just a song title, or a cliché saying, it is the truth. So, when you decide to officially end your winter relationship, use these tips to make it easier on you.

The first tip when deciding to end a relationship is to always maintain control. It is important to stay in control of the situation no matter what is said or done. Don’t let him or her take over. Prepare what you are going to say before hand and stick to the script. Don’t let your emotions take over, do what you came to do. The second tip is  to break up in public places to avoid trouble. Pick a neutral place. No one wants to make a scene in public and this is best way to end a relationship with dignity. Besides, you can leave the situation and go somewhere else if things get messy.

According to a Cosmopolitan magazine article a park is a great public place to have a break up. “Going on a walk is good, because that’s when men and women communicate best.”

As you’re deciding that a relationship has run its course make sure you hold to this next tip and make sure the timing is right.Did your love just get fired? Did his or her dog die? Have a heart and pick a time that is both convenient to you, and easy for your love to deal with. Just because you are breaking up with someone doesn’t mean you have to be cruel about it.

Deanna Walker, a 4th Year 5-Year MBA major says “it’s important to be considerate, you don’t want to hurt anybody, but you just want to do what’s best for the both of you.

As you’re finding the worlds that will have the least amount of sting, a great strategy is to take on the relationship blame yourself.It’s easy to take the blame in this situation, after all, it was your idea to break up in the first place. Make sure that you own up to your feelings and let him or her know that this relationship ending has nothing to do with their actions.

Lastly, if you feel comfortable then why not say the traditional “let’s remain friends” line. Its always a good idea to  leave a door open to continue the relationship in the fall. Summer is only four months, and before you know it the temperatures will begin to fall. It is only right to leave the relationship with possible hope of rekindling once cuffing season starts again.

Hopefully these tips help you end a relationship with as much finesse as possible. While any relationship is hard work it can sometimes be even harder to find the right words, moment or courage to end a love connection so think hard and make sure you are making the right decision for you. Don’t misinterpret a rough spot as the ending to your happy ever after.




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