Lil Mama says Get off her #Sausage


Kayla Boone | Arts & Entertainment Editor

Brooklyn native Niatia Kirkland, better known as Lil Mama, has released a new song titled “Sausage.” The last we may remember from the rapper is her 2007 hit single “Lipgloss.”Or perhaps we remember more clearly the abrupt interruption she made during the MTV Movie awards while Jay-Z and Alicia Keys were performing “Empire State of Mind” 2009.

Is “Sausage” her big come-back record? Her catchy,new hit incorporates the Vine crazed #SausageMovement as the chorus. If you are unfamiliar with the #SausageMovement it is a call and response rap, where the word “sausage” completes every line. The song also pays tribute to multiple hip hop/ r&b artist including Method Man, Mary J Blige, Slick Rick and many others.

The video was shot in the streets of New York City and  incorporates many local dances including the “All In” and the “Milly Rock”. Local dancers perform  behind Lil Mama while she rides slightly ahead in an electric green Polaris.

Although the song promotes safe sex, Lil Mama has been receiving a lot of backlash about the track.  The original creator of the #SausageMovement Matthew Bellamy is upset over the song.  He claims to have never consented to the use of his movement for her song. Bellamy stated that Lil Mama did contact him requesting that he come to New York for the taping of the music video.

Allegedly Lil Mama was supposed to pay for Bellamy’s transportation to New York. But later backed out saying she was paying for the video with her own money and could not afford Bellamy’s transportation. Social media attacked the rapper saying that she stole the #SausageMovement from Vine without crediting the creator. She was also criticized for trying to make herself relevant.

The two met in an interview where the host made Lil Mama cry. Surprising to some, he felt the exact opposite. Charlamange stated,  “I actually think Lil Mama’s new record Sausage was fire!” With the thoughts and opinions varying for this song, building your own opinion is necessary. To listen to Lil Mama’s new single “Sausage” you can find the video exclusively on

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