Lane Bryant #NoAngels Campaign Disses Victoria’s Secret


Alexis J. Robinson | Contributing Writer

Talk About Fifty Shades…

Lane Bryant rains on Victoria Secret’s parade with their #ImNoAngel campaign. A video featuring the Lane Bryant models Candice Huffine, Ashley Graham, Marquita Pring, and a few others embody the curvaceous Cacique Collection, while including subtle shots at the popular lingerie brand. This video certainly knows how to catch a viewer’s attention! The Lane Bryant girls definitely put the “bomb” in bombshell while dropping a huge one on The World Famous’ Victoria’s Secret Angels. The Cacique Collection provides a variety of appealing options for the public with their new lingerie line. Whether you have voluptuous curves or a thin figure, they strongly feel that beauty comes in various shapes and sizes.

Although voluptuous women are not highly praised in pop culture the way skinny women are, there should not be any bashing between the two. The essential idea should be to raise awareness about the various curves women naturally have.

People attempt to live these fairytales that they’re a size 00-3 when in reality—they’re not. I’m sure a few females, if not all, used to play dolls with their friends, and vaguely remember comparing themselves to the doll that resembled them the most. Why should you have to confine your forms, shapes, and thoughts to what something ought be? Instead, things should be appreciated for what they are.

These different depictions in the media affect the thoughts of many females, especially the younger generations. Before teenagers fully develop, they feel the need to alter their bodies to fit into a certain mold that is reflected in the images found throughout magazines and on television. However, they should be working on feeling comfortable with their own body in its natural state.

Many rumors of butt injections, lip fillers, waist trainers, and many more bodily enhancements construe a woman’s feelings towards their bodies, but it is imperative for women to understand that we were all composed in various shapes and sizes for a reason. If everyone walked around looking like Adriana Lima, Heidi Klum, or even Kim Kardashian, how would there ever be variety in the world? After all, there is no “certain category” when referring to beauty. We are all meant to be different so women should embrace different forms of life, instead of belittling one another. Imperfections are what make a person unique and beautiful, so embrace it all.

Regardless if Lane Bryant and Victoria’s Secret were to continue tugging with each other, they should definitely consider partnering up. After all, it could bring a sense of reality to the two companies. Whether you’re perky and petite, or tastefully curvy they both have something to offer all over the world.

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