D.R.A.M Even Makes Beyonce Want to “Cha Cha”


Nigil Crawford| Contributing Writer

With today’s rhythms and vibes, it is easy to say that a new tune is capturing the hypnotic soul of most artists and consumers. “Cha Cha” by D. R. A. M, an acronym that means, “Does Real Ass Music”, is a fun and spirited song for people of all ages.

Although the single is gaining popularity, it is not a new track. D.R.A.M who released song via SoundCloud eight months ago, and in March, finally released the Nathan Smith-directed music video for the single on YouTube. The video was shot at a nightclub in Hampton, Virginia. It features good times from a dinner table to a nightclub. The theme of the video? Everyone loves to cha-cha. This song features snippets of latin music and sound effects from the Super Mario Brothers.

The song has even reached the Queen herself, and she gave it a yes. Last week, Beyoncé uploaded a video of her dancing to the song on Instagram. The views for the music video went up to over 391k views at the time the video went live.

Shelley Massenburg Smith, also known as D.R.A.M, was born in Germany but lived in Hampton, Virginia for as long as he could remember. Growing up, D.R.A.M was introduced to a wide range of music.Staying with his grandparents who attended church frequently, he joined the choir.

D.R.A.M’s professional music career started at the Coliseum Mall, known now as the Peninsula Town Center. The artist was contacted by a friend who had stopped at a recording booth, located in the center of the Coliseum Mall to share their music.

D.R.A.M made his way down to the mall to record. Nine years after that recording session in the mall D.R.A.M dropped his debut project, “#1EPICSUMMER” where most musical contributions came from local artist and producers. The song can be found on D.R.A.M’s album “#1EpicEP” which is now available on iTunes.

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