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Supreme Court Rules in favor of Same-Sex Marriage across the United States



Jordan Bryant | Contributing Writer

On June 26, 2015, the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage across all 50 states. President Obama released a statement after the ruling that called this a “victory for gay and lesbian couples”. The decision was finalized by the Supreme Court in a 5 to 4 decision that will prevent states banning same-sex marriage.

A majority of American states have already placed laws that allow same-sex marriage within their states lines. States such as Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina have ruled in favor for gay and lesbian couples in recent years.

Virginia was the most recent state to rule in favor of same-sex marriage. As recommended by Governor McAuliffe, the bill was signed on March 6,2014 and went into effect immediately. Virginia is one of the most populated states with gay and lesbian citizens, most residing in Richmond and Virginia Beach with 3.5% and 4.4% respectively living in these areas.

This Supreme Court ruling only solidifies the nations strive for equality regardless of race or sexual orientation. The right to marry whomever one wishes  has been a fight for decades. This ruling is the trophy that has been awarded after a long race for equality.


Bad Boy For Life? P. Diddy Arrested for Alleged Assault



Bakari Clemmons | Staff Writer

Hip-hop mogul Sean Combs, also known as “Puff Daddy” and “P. Diddy”, was arrested Monday, June 22nd at the athletic facilities of UCLA for allegedly assaulting UCLA football coach, Sal Alosi. Sources said that Combs came to the campus to talk to the coach, but Alosi refused to speak with him. After the coach rejected Combs, the situation escalated. Combs went to call the police and Alosi allegedly went to grab Combs phone from him.

As a result of that, Diddy grabbed a kettleball to protect himself. The university police report had Combs charged with three counts of assault with a deadly weapon, one count of making terrorist threats, and one count of battery. No one was seriously injured.

Diddy’s son, Justin, is a red shirt Junior on the school’s football team. Justin was sent home from practice earlier that day by Coach Alosi for “being lazy and not giving his all.” Diddy was released Monday evening after posting bail which was originally set at $160,000 but he was reported paying $50,000.

Earlier in the year, Coach Alosi covered the team’s gym with pictures of Justin Combs sitting courtside at the Barclays Center during the NBA All Star Weekend and yelled at the players, “While you guys are training, this guy is sitting courtside with his dad.” This insensitive motivational tactic is believed to be one of the reasons Justin was targeted by Alosi. Alosi thought Justin was both spoiled and privileged. that

Combs Enterprises gave a statement on the situation saying, “We are confident that once the true facts are revealed, the case will be dismissed.” The district attorney’s office doesn’t expect Diddy’s case to be presented until next week.

On Tuesday, both Diddy and his son, Justin, took to Instagram to show their appreciation for each other. They both posted the same picture of the two walking and smiling, as Justin’s post was captioned, “ I thank God for having a father that’s always there for me.. Love you pops!” and Diddy’s post was captioned, “#FAMILYFIRST.”

Michael Jackson: We still “Remember the Time”



Carla Ford | Staff Writer

It was six years ago when the world suffered the tragic lost of Michael Jackson.  He was important to all generations. Jackson broke records and racial barriers by changing the face of music and entertainment. Hit after hit, Michael Jackson gained the name, “The King of Pop”.

Between selling out shows and winning numerous Grammy’s, Michael Jackson has really made an incredible mark as a household icon. Millennials grew to learn a few hits, but for the generation that grew up hearing songs like, “Workin’ Day and Night”, and “Remember the Time”, it was more than just watching someone become a superstar. Michael Jackson is a name that will forever be one for generations to come.

Michael Jackson was born August 29, 1958 growing up in Gary, Indiana. Jackson’s parents, Katherine and Joseph, had ten kids, with Michael being the eighth. His first break to stardom was when his brothers formed their singing group, “The Jackson Brothers”.

Michael then joined the group and the name was changed to The Jackson 5 in 1965. It was not long when the world soon discovered that Michael Jackson was a star. It was not long before people took notice of this talented young artist.

In 1975, Michael Jackson, along side with Quincy Jones, produced his first solo album Off the Wall, which includes hits like  “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”, “Rock With You” and “Rock With You.” Michael was determined to make his next album an even bigger success. In 1983, Michael blessed the world with the best selling album worldwide.

Thriller sold an estimated 65 million copies and it was on the Billboard Top 200 for 37 weeks.  It is safe to say that Michael Jackson is a creative genius. His music videos were like watching shortened films. His creativity took to new heights and it only was the beginning.

One of the most iconic moments in Michael’s career was when he performed “Billie Jean” live at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. All while wearing the distinctive black sequined jacket and a rhinestone golf glove, Michael debuted his signature dance move, the moonwalk.

He learned this dance move from a former Soul Train dancer a few years prior. Rolling Stone reporter, Mikal Gimore, said “There are times when you know you are hearing or seeing something extraordinary…that came that night.”

It is hard to capture the many momentous things that a legend like Michael Jackson has accomplished. Michael Jackson is an icon.  But like any person who has the world watching him, the pressure is always on. It almost like he could not do any wrong.  On June 25, 2009 the world froze when news broke that Michael Jackson died. Everyone to this day can remember where he or she was when more details about Jackson’s death were revealing.

As the world came together to mourn his death, audiences worldwide shared in that magic that Michael Jackson brought to them.

Cincinnati Community Protests Shooting of Quandavier Hicks (PHOTOS)

June 9, 22-year-old Quandavier Hicks was shot and killed by a police officer inside his home on Chase Block Avenue in Northside, OH after a confrontation. According to FOX19, Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffery Blackwell says Hicks was armed with a rifle. Brian Taylor, who works with the Black Lives Matter movement in Cincinnati, told FOX19, “We don’t know if Hicks was committing any kind of crime or was in the midst of something or not. But, whatever it was, we don’t automatically assume that means you’re worthy of being shot and executed on the spot.”

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WATCH: President Obama wins hearts singing “Amazing Grace” during Eulogy at Rev. Clementa Pinckney’s Funeral

Watch here as President Obama sings “Amazing Grace” honoring the lives of the “Beautiful 9” killed at Emanuel AME Church.


Five Awesome Books to Begin your Summer Reading List

Lauren Hendricks | Staff Writer

Summer is the time where you can catch up on everything you weren’t able to do during the school year, and one of those things may be reading. If you are looking for a little self-help or motivation this summer, here is the perfect fix for you. These five books are a great way to begin your summer reading!

Don’t Waste Your Pretty by Demetria Lucas

This is the “go-to guide for making smarter decisions in life and love.” The dating and relationships manifesto is a collection of questions and answers that solve dating and relationship dilemmas by the relationship queen expert herself, Demetria Lucas.




Michelle Obama: A Life by Peter Slevin

Peter Slevin tells the inspiring and fascinating story of the life of the First Lady, Michelle Obama. The biography travels back to her childhood in Chicago and follows her all the way to her days as the First Lady of the United States. The story also takes a peek into her and President Obama’s journey to making it to the White House.





The Power Playbook by La La Anthony

La La tells us personal stories of her own professional ups and downs and how she found success. The self-entrepreneur and business guru discloses her own secrets to discovering victory and triumph once and for all.





You are a Badass by Jen Sincero

Sincero spills all the tips on “how to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life.” In this self-help book of hilarious stories and simple exercises, you are able to discover how to accept the way you are and make the changes you want. You’ll learn how awesome you really are and what all you are actually capable of in this quick and witty read.





God Help the Child by Toni Morrison

Morrison’s latest novel tells the story of a woman whose traumatic childhood experiences and issues molded and misshaped her adult life. The woman learns something about herself in each person that she comes across in her lifetime. Not only does she learn something from them, but each of them discovers something about themselves in their relationship together.



These five books are a great place to start this summer to get into the reading groove. So sit back, relax and enjoy these books and learn something along the way.

Internship Do’s and Don’ts: Becoming the Perfect Summer intern



Amber Gardner | Contributing Writer

The season known as summer has attracted much publicity and love over the years. From Will Smith’s rap hit  “Summertime” to blockbuster films being released with hopes of popularity and profit, this time of year tends to be a money maker. That is why it comes as no surprise that most college students tend to seek an internship opportunity during this time frame.

With the competitive nature of many of the job fields and industries that students are receiving training for while in school,a chance to gain early exposure and first-hand experience in one’s sector is priceless.

According to Bloomberg’s official website, “Many full-time…students…feel as though…making a good impression and securing a full-time job offer at the end of the summer is always beneficial”

When Mariska Warren, a 3rd year 5 year MBA major from Knoxville, Tennessee was asked about the impact of an internship she responded that, “An internship is your first opportunity to make your life great.”

Due to this hope for more experience and exposure from an internship, more and more oung people  taking advantage of internship positions. However some of those who are taking advantage of internship opportunities may wonder about what they should and should not do when on the job. Thankfully various sources have attempted to offer their expertise by offering advice regarding what is and is not acceptable when interning with a company or an organization.

The most important tip mentioned by Bloomberg Business was to, “Complete the assignment you’re given,” especially when assigned a project or a final presentation. Another piece of advice given by the career directors at Bloomberg is to ask for help if their is confusion with the assignment. Bloomberg Business believes that by deciding not to “talk it out,” students may get off schedule and eventually turn in a disappointing product.

Katrin Baker, the associate director of the MBA Career Management Center of the University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School encourages finding a, “sweet spot between asking too much and not asking enough” According to Baker finding this balance is critical to success.

Finally, Susan A. Kline, a director of master’s programs career development at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, recommends that, “you should be the person with whom others want to work,” She states that one should be respectful of other’s time, do what is required, and be dependable.

When asked about working with others in your work environment and meeting requirements Michael Eley, a 2nd year 5 year MBA Major from Raleigh, NC stated that, “Every job has it’s own environment…So in order to be successful you have to do things in a way that that company likes it done.” Now, just like there are certain things that can be done to help employees succeed there are also specific things or practices that can be done that will cause employees to fail.

One habit that was identified as being counterproductive by Frances Cole Jones of Forbes magazine is gossiping in the workplace. This can cause extreme damage to one’s reputation and image in the office. Another discouraged behavior that is referenced by Jones is dressing inappropriately for your work environment. It truly is best for one to observe and follow the culture of their team. Following one’s own instincts if misguided could cause disaster for one’s career.

The final very influential piece of advice given by Jones is for the employee to give off the impression that they are energetically eager to be at the workplace. This can be done by always trying to be there early and always volunteering to give extra assistance. By doing this the employer is more likely to get the feel that the intern is grateful and appreciative for the position.

In the end the success of one’s internship experience is truly up to  Make sure you are entering your working environment with an open mind and positive outlook. If you lay down the right foundation who knows what kind of doors you will open?

Five Tips to Get Single For Summertime



Kristyn Beecher | Contributing Writer

Rising temperatures, pool parties, and summer vacations signify one thing: the end of winter relationships. You no longer need someone to keep you warm, and that means that cuffing season is over. Summer brings on a lot of temptation, and if your significant other doesn’t live near you the long distance over summer break can put a strain on your relationship.

Vaughn Dowdley, a sophomore biology major from Atlanta, Georgia thinks that maybe going into the summer as a single person is a good idea. He says, “During the summer people have more free time, and that sometimes means trouble. Some people don’t trust themselves enough to not hurt whoever they are with.”

Honestly, if you haven’t ditched your winter love by now, you’re pretty late. Sundresses are already out, and the beaches are filling up. If you feel that it’s best that you go into this season alone it is now time to say goodbye. Breaking up is hard to do. That is more than just a song title, or a cliché saying, it is the truth. So, when you decide to officially end your winter relationship, use these tips to make it easier on you.

The first tip when deciding to end a relationship is to always maintain control. It is important to stay in control of the situation no matter what is said or done. Don’t let him or her take over. Prepare what you are going to say before hand and stick to the script. Don’t let your emotions take over, do what you came to do. The second tip is  to break up in public places to avoid trouble. Pick a neutral place. No one wants to make a scene in public and this is best way to end a relationship with dignity. Besides, you can leave the situation and go somewhere else if things get messy.

According to a Cosmopolitan magazine article a park is a great public place to have a break up. “Going on a walk is good, because that’s when men and women communicate best.”

As you’re deciding that a relationship has run its course make sure you hold to this next tip and make sure the timing is right.Did your love just get fired? Did his or her dog die? Have a heart and pick a time that is both convenient to you, and easy for your love to deal with. Just because you are breaking up with someone doesn’t mean you have to be cruel about it.

Deanna Walker, a 4th Year 5-Year MBA major says “it’s important to be considerate, you don’t want to hurt anybody, but you just want to do what’s best for the both of you.

As you’re finding the worlds that will have the least amount of sting, a great strategy is to take on the relationship blame yourself.It’s easy to take the blame in this situation, after all, it was your idea to break up in the first place. Make sure that you own up to your feelings and let him or her know that this relationship ending has nothing to do with their actions.

Lastly, if you feel comfortable then why not say the traditional “let’s remain friends” line. Its always a good idea to  leave a door open to continue the relationship in the fall. Summer is only four months, and before you know it the temperatures will begin to fall. It is only right to leave the relationship with possible hope of rekindling once cuffing season starts again.

Hopefully these tips help you end a relationship with as much finesse as possible. While any relationship is hard work it can sometimes be even harder to find the right words, moment or courage to end a love connection so think hard and make sure you are making the right decision for you. Don’t misinterpret a rough spot as the ending to your happy ever after.



South Carolina Officer Indicted in Walter Scott Shooting



Marquise Brown | Contributing Writer

For Michael Slager, his five-year career with the North Charleston Police Department, in South Carolina has ended after he responded with deadly force that killed Walter Scott.

Scott, a 50-year-old man was unarmed when he was shot by Slager in the back as he was running away from being pulled over. According to CNN News, “His death was recorded by a stander and reignited a national conversation” that happened Monday June 8th, 2015.

A grand jury indicted former North Charleston, South Carolina police officer in connection to the April shooting death. Chris Stewart, an attorney for the Scott family, stated, “Today was just an example that if you just keep the faith, even in the darkest times, you’ll see the light.”

According to CNN, Slager’s Attorney Andy Savage said that his defense team has not yet been given the prosecutor’s investigative materials, as requested, and he would not comment on any aspect of the case until he was given that information. “Life in prison,” is the sentence Scott’s brother wants Slager to receive. “Never to do something like that to another human being again.

According to People, Anthony Scott, brother of Walter Scott, said “I believe some change can come from this, like more accountability for cops so citizens won’t have to fear for their lives if they’re stopped,” he says. He added that “They won’t have to suffer like Walter did. Citizens need to be aware of their rights so they are not killed”.

The Tragedy of Kalief Browder: Guilty until Proven Innocent



Treasure Tabor | Contributing Writer

In 2010, the Bronx-native was arrested at the age of 16 for supposedly stealing a backpack. He spent more than 1,000 days on Rikers Island as he waited for his trial to commence. Of those 1,000 days, Browder spent about two years in solitary confinement. He was also the subject of physical abuse from guards and inmates on many occasions.

This mistreatment led Kalief down a road of depression which culminated in a series of failed suicide attempts. The charges against Kalief were later dropped and he was released from prison. However, the damage had been done. Browder tried to live a “normal” life by earning his GED, going to community college, and working a part-time job.

Nevertheless, he still struggled with despair due to his years in prison. On at least two occasions, he attempted suicide again and had to be admitted into a psychiatric ward twice.

This past April, Jennifer Gonnerman, a staff writer for The New Yorker, obtained surveillance of a guard assaulting Browder and of a separate incident when he was assaulted by inmates. After they viewed the footage together, Kalief gave permission to have the videos published on The New Yorker’s Web site.

His story and the footage caught the attention of numerous individuals, such as: Mayor Bill de Blasio, Rand Paul, Jay Z, and Rosie O’Donnell. On June 6th, Browder’s mother found him hanging from a second-floor window in their house with an air-conditioner cord wrapped around his neck. He was only 22 years old.

The tragic death of this young man has raised more questions about the justice system, specifically in New York. A call to reform the bail system and Rikers Island has been presented as a step in the right direction by the public.